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7th and 8th Grade Music

No description

Ellie Olson

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of 7th and 8th Grade Music

7th and 8th Grade Music Preference
7th and 8th Grade Music
Is there a difference between the music 7th and 8th graders like?
7th Grade
Data Table, Graph
8th Grade
Data Table, Graph
My Experiment
I am going to have the 7th and 8th graders in project i listen to 6 songs of different genres to see if there is a pattern to what kind of music certain ages like. For example, maybe the 8th graders will like rock but the 7th graders will like pop.
My Hypothesis
If 7th and 8th graders listen to the same 6 songs, they will have a different favorite because my research shows that many of your cultural tastes, including music, aren't set until you're 14. I also think the 8th graders will like Green Day, because my brother started liking that music around that age.
Do You Have Friends Who Share Your Music Taste?
Another reason that the same grade will like the same music is because most of your friends are in your grade, and you share the music you like with your friends. If you really like a song, you usually tell your friends and they usually like it too.
Song Choices
To keep this controlled, I let people pick from 6 songs of different styles. The songs were:
1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2. Roar
4. Payphone
5. Barracuda
6. Buttercup- Don't You Let Me Down
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Boulevard of Broken Dreams 2
Roar 2
Cruise 2
Buttercup 1
Payphone 3

7th Grade Data Table
7th Grade Pie
Boulevard of Broken Dreams: 4
Roar: 4
Cruise: 2
8th Grade Data Table
8th Grade Pie Charts
7th and 8th graders have different tastes in music. Roar and Cruise were popular with both grades, but 8th graders liked Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and the 7th graders didn't. Neither grade really liked the older song. So I was right that it changed, and that the 8th graders would like Green Day music. Next time i would have songs from more genres and more kids to test on.
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