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budder derp

No description

Joey Franke

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of budder derp

SUCCESSES AND SET BACKS SUCCESSES | SETBACKS -New email system: Gmail -Most used search
engine -Billions of dollars -User friendly -Over 1,000,000,000
searches per day Early Beginnings
:Backrub Search I'm Feeling Lucky Before Google was called Google it was called Backrub! The Origins of The Name Google Google was the result of a misspelling of the word Googol (the number) that turned it into Google (the search engine). The Inside Story This is what Google looked like in its demo stage In 2006 , Google bought Youtube. Some things are good... ...and some things aren't. Gangnam Style In 2005, Google released
a easy-to-use program called Google Earth, to show people what the Earth and other celestial bodies look like from different views We nor Google nor T.L.C are responsible for you
fainting, sudden death ,getting a heart attack, getting
post-traumatic stress disorder, sudden caridac arrrest, or low-T. Thank you. Google+ 2011 1996 Backrub is made. 1997 Backrub is renamed to Google. Loading... 1998 Google
company. 2002 Google has made
$100 million. Google Also, Klingon is now a language that one can search in. 2004 G-mail is made.
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