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Literature- Delainey and Ellie

A brief description on some things about Literature (Books). It contains lots of information about books and writing in general but is mainly focused around self-expression through literature. Literature rules!

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Transcript of Literature- Delainey and Ellie

What is literature?
What Conflicts occur because of literature?
How does literature affect people?
Literature can help people learn new things, it can change people’s perspective, and it makes people experience different emotions that they wouldn't always in real life.
By Delainey Guidry and Ellie Porter
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,
the man who never reads lives only one

~George R.R. Martin

Literature is anything written but usually refers to poems and novels.
Literature shows people’s culture, traditions, and beliefs.
It introduces us to new ways of thinking.

Different books have different genres

Different authors have different ways of writing

There are styles from different places/countries

Lots of authors write about things that relate to them


- In The Hunger Games, children may feel the need to run away from everyone who is trying to kill them or the need to kill someone. In real life, they probably wouldn’t ever feel that way.

- In Harry Potter, you may feel powerful or famous, whereas in real life, you probably won't.

Authors don't always like the criticism they get.
People's work can get censored and banned.
Authors may have to write in exile.
Examples: Charlotte Brontë had to write under the pen name Currer Bell.
Piglet being censored by some Muslims.
Harry Potter was banned in various places because it promoted witchcraft.
How does style differ between authors?
How do you express yourself through literature?
You can express yourself through literature by writing about...
- your feelings
- ideas, thoughts
- likes or dislikes

Authors usually write about something that interests them or something that is happening in their personal life.

For Example: Beverley Naidoo writes about kids facing Apartheid in South Africa in her book: Journey to Jo’burg, which is where she is from.

Important lessons/quotes from
From the
A Series of Unfortunate Events
series by Lemony Snicket: “Being lonely is OK, and not everyone has to like you. You can’t always rely on people.”

From The
by J.R.R. Tolkien: “Never deny yourself an experience just because it’s unknown or uncomfortable — it may just be a defining and wonderful part of your life.”

From the
trilogy by Veronica Roth and the
Hunger Games
trilogy by Suzanne Collins: “You have to fight for what you believe in. Even if you’re the underdog, keep fighting and you can conquer.”

From the
Harry Potter
series by J.K. Rowling: “With love, friendship, and family (whether they’re still with us, or not), we can get through anything.”
Common themes in literature
- Good vs Evil

- Journeys/Adventure(s)

- Jealousy

- Revenge

- Doing the right thing

- Bullying

- Selfishness/Selflessness

Limitations that occur from these conflicts
Books published in one country/culture might be banned in another country/culture

Authors always have to consider their audience and make sure they don't offend people

They have to think about how far they will go without losing their readers who will buy their book(s)

Here is a video explaining literature
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