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Parts of a Cell

Parts of a cell using a car as a model

Mimi Vanity

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Parts of a Cell

Mimi Wilson
Period 1 Parts of a plant cell The engine is the mitochondria of the car. It's the a powerhouse; it generates energy for the car just like the mitochondria generates energy for the cell. The steering wheel is the nucleus of the car. Just as the nucleus controls and manages the activities of the cell, so does the steering wheel manage what the car does. It is the center of activity. The car skeleton is like the cell wall of a plant cell. They both offer protection and support, The car windows are like the chloroplast of a cell. It captures light energy, while in a cell chloroplast captures light energy and converts them to chemical energy. The driver of the car can be considered the Golgi Apparatus. The Golgi packages and sort proteins for the cell, while the driver sorts the packages they bring inside of the car. The gas tank of the car can be compared to the vacoule of a plant cell. They both store the materials that are needed. The smooth and rough pipes of the car can be compared to the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum of a plant cell. They also store what is needed (in a plant cell, the protein). The windshield wipers of the car can be compared to the lysosome of a plant cell. They are both considered the cleanup crew. The car door is like a plant cell's cell membrane, also known as a plasma membrane. They both control what enters and leaves the cell or car. The sitting area, or the drivers' seat, can be considered the cytoplasm. They are both the materials located outside of the nucleus (the steering wheel is the nucleus). The steering wheel cover can be compared to the nuclear membrane of a cell. It's the membrane that surrounds the nucleus, just as the steering wheel cover is outside of the nucleus. The navigation system of a car can be compared to a vesicle of a plant cell. It transport molecules to different locations in a cell, and the navigation system shows how to get there. The main reason a car is a plant cell is because of the windows. A plant cell converts light energy using photosynthesis, which can be compared to the windows capturing the light. Why is a car a plant cell?
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