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Chapter 1: Where does leadership fit in your life?

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Leadership LR170

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 1: Where does leadership fit in your life?

Discovering Leadership Framework
Understanding how the framework works together to help you reach the point of saying:
“This is the perfect role for me!”
“I am just not suited to this type of work.”
“This is how I can lead more effectively”
-Considers the impact of a your leadership
-Demonstrates congruency with the other aspects of your life.
-Suggests ways in which your life at home, college, and work
can be more mutually integrated and supportive.
-This is the outcome of the other five components.
-What impact are you having?
Discovering Leadership Framework

Work life+ Personal life = YOU
Academic Life + College Life = YOU
____________ + ___________ = YOU

Build a balance
What do we mean by this?
How does leadership help us balance?
Discovering Leadership Framework
The standards or principles that guide your beliefs, decisions, and actions.

What standards do you live by?
How do your beliefs guide your decisions or actions?
How do your actions guide your beliefs or decisions?
How do your decisions guide your beliefs or actions?
Discovering Leadership Framework
What is the overall purpose of your life?
Being purposeful about what you want in life, will help you be purposeful in your leadership situation.

Develop a leadership vision:
Without an articulate leadership vision, you will have difficulty evaluating the leadership choices presented to you.
Discovering Leadership Framework

Understand the broader circumstances that define your leadership situation.

Changes that happen within your organization (structural change, cutbacks, new ventures)
Choosing Leadership
Leadership opportunities are in many different forms.
What does this mean?
Why leadership?
When to use leadership?
Where to use leadership?
How to use leadership?
Take advantage of opportunities.
Turning Drift into Conscious Choices
Those considering leadership benefit from an understanding of how personal nature and motivation align with leadership.

Exercises in this book are to help you determine what decisions you can make about leadership, including:
The extent to which you’d like to lead
Conscious decisions about leadership
Balancing leadership among other things

Authors developed

a framework to match elements of the leader to their positions.
The Problem of Drift
Drift is the “organizational currents” that carry workers upward.
This causes a gap between who they personally are and who they are as leaders.

Individuals can drift into promotions:
As a result of how they perceive their paths through this process
As a part of a general desire to advance in the organization

The basic problem is that executive positions consist of leadership positions (as opposed to technical skill). This can lead to executives and managers being uncertain; hurts effectiveness
The Problem of Drift
Leaders who do not have clear goals can experience “Drift”.
Where does Leadership
1) Leadership happens at all levels, not just at the “Top”.
2) Make a conscious choice about: Why, When, Where, and
how you lead.

“Most effective leaders are those who commit themselves to getting better day by day and then apply their skills to improving the lives of other people in the organization they are in or their communities.” (pg. 2)
Everyday, Everywhere Leadership
Opportunities are everywhere.
Think about opportunities outside your own life, family/friends, community, organization or job.
Set goals and take chances.
Underlying Philosophy
Find YOUR purpose in life
Anchor point of Leadership
Do you know your purpose yet?
Are you achieving your purpose?

“You’ve got to find what you love.”- Steve Jobs (pg. 15)
Discovering Leadership Framework

The “Tool Kit”
Includes competencies, styles, and experiences.
Helps identify your strengths and weaknesses.
Helps to clarify why and how you lead.
The Challenges Today
Many of those who find themselves in leadership positions are discontent with their situation.

Problem: People assumed these roles without thinking about where leadership fits in.
LR 170 – Principles of Leadership
Impact and Legacy
Current Personal Realities
Leadership Profile
Leadership Values
Leadership Vision
Current Organizational Realities
Discovering Leadership Framework
fit in y our life?
Text addresses two main questions:
Do you have a vision of what you want your leadership to accomplish?
What legacy would you like to leave?
Under challenged
Drift = Being confused about the type of leader you are.
Stuck in a position
Types of Drift:
Current Organizational Realities
Your Vision
Your Values
Your Leadership Profile
Personal Realities & Expectations
Impact or Legacy
find, define or live my purpose?
What will it take to

Where does leadership fit in your life?

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