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TV Drama Production - Single Camera Techniques

Single Camera Techniques for TV Dramas looking at the Format, Narrative and Technical Aspects.

Scott Media-Harrison

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of TV Drama Production - Single Camera Techniques

TV Drama Production - Single Camera Techniques
TV Drama Production - Format
There are five main types of TV Drama. These are one-off single drama, mini-series, serial, series and soap. There are also many types of genre such as biographical, crime, medical, sci-fi and fantasy, thriller and horror.
A serial TV drama uses the same characters and locations regularly. Each episode is not complete in itself and the storyline will continue through to the next episode, using open endings to encourage viewers to watch it again. Often serial narratives carry more than one storyline.
A single drama is a one-off story for TV, and is usually based on a topical issue. An example of an one-off single drama is Toast and was broadcast by the BBC.
A TV series drama is program broadcast regularly, usually once a week. The same characters and basic situation will be used to tell a different story in each episode, with the narrative in each episode usually resolved by the end.
TV Drama Production - Format
TV Drama Production - Format
TV Drama Production - Format
Soap are effectively a type of serial which is constantly ongoing, and have multiple characters who carry many story lines at once. Usually no single story line will dominate and story lines can carry on for weeks before coming to a conclusion, an example of course being Eastenders.
TV Drama Production - Format
TV Drama Production - Narrative
TV Drama Production - Format
A mini-series TV drama is when a story is told through a limited number episodes. An example of this is The Pacific, which told it's story in 10 episodes.
TV Drama Production - Narrative
TV Drama Production - Narrative
TV Drama Production - Narrative
TV Drama Production - Narrative
TV Drama Production - Narrative
The Pacific is 10 episode mini-series from the creators of "Band of Brothers" telling an intense story of 3 US Marines during America's battle with the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II. This is an example of a linear narrative. It was aired in March 2010.
EastEnders is a TV soap about the lives of everyday people living on Albert Square in the East-End of London. This is another example of a linear narrative. It was first aired in February 1985.
CSI is a TV series about an elite team of forensic evidence investigation experts. This is also an example of a linear narrative, which is generally single stranded.
Lost is a TV serial drama about survivors of plane crash on a remote island in the Pacific. This is an example of a non-linear narrative, which contains many anti-realist elements.
Toast is a single TV drama that portrays the life of Nigel Slater. It shows him growing up as a little boy growing up to training to become a chief. This is another example of a linear narrative. It was aired in December 2010.
A narrative is an account of connected events that may be organized into various categories. As we have looked at before, these can be categorized as
linear or non-linear, single strand/multi-strand, realist/anti-realist, open/closed
TV Drama Production - Technical
CSI is a Crime TV Drama
Doctor Who is a sci-fi and fantasy TV Drama
Casualty is a Medical TV Drama
TV Drama Production - Technical
In the trailer there are non-digetic sounds. This is music played that only the audience can hear, not the characters. The trailer is intense and powerful because there are lots of flashes from explosions and gun shots.
The Pacific TV mini-series trailer from 2010.
The trailer also cuts quickly from scene to scene to keep the viewer interested. There is very little speech during the trailer, emphasizing the images more. In summary, it is a fast paced, moving, exciting and clear trailer.
TV Drama Production - Technical
One-off dramas are usually made-for-TV movies. Here are some more examples.
Eric and Ernie
The Whale
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
Law & Order (UK)
This is often the case with sitcoms. The narrative is resolved and equilibrium restored in each episode to ensure a new one can be explored in the next.
Appropriate Adult
2 parts
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
7 parts
Black Mirror
6 parts (so far)
Single Camera TV Drama, like film, has the flexibility and creative opportunity to occupy almost any genre, and combine and merge genres also.
Some media texts then fuse genres together, taking elements of one and elements of another. These are called hybrids.
Firefly incorporated a number of elements. It used many Western-style locations, costumes and weapons. It is essentially a Sci-Fi, set in space on distant planets and spaceships. It contains Action and Thriller elements as well.
Red Dwarf
Comedy / Sci-Fi
Being Human
Horror / Comedy / Soap
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