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Wonder Woman Prezi

No description

Michelle Martinez

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Wonder Woman Prezi

The Hero's Journey: Wonder Woman
Hero's Identity
Call to Adventure
The Special World
The Ordinary World
New Life/Resolution
The Herald
The herald in Diana's life was when she won the for the strongest amazon,given a suit,and weapons.She knew she was destined to protect the world.
My hero is Wonder Woman, she is the daughter of Hippolyta.When the Greek goddesses drew forth the souls of all women who had been murdered by men. One soul was left behind, the one that would be born as Diana. Hippolyta was told to mold some clay from Paradise Island and form a baby girl. Six members of the Greek Pantheon then bonded the soul into the clay. Then each of the six members gave Diana (WonderWoman) a gift. Demeter: Great Strength,Athena : Wisdom and Courage,Artemis:A hunters heart and communion with animals,Aphrodite:Beauty and a loving heart,Hestia:Sisterhood with fire and Hermes:Speed and the power of flight.
Wonder Woman
What caused Diana to be a hero was when Queen Hippolyta announced a contest about who ever is the strongest amazon is sent to man's world. The Queen forbid that Diana participated. Diana did so anyway but in disguised. She easily won becoming the amazon champion.
Wonder Woman's mentors were the amazons. They taught her many skills and techniques all her life. Sometimes her mother Hippolyta, would give her some advice and help.
Wonder Woman's ordinary place was Themyscira. She trains there and that's where she became Woman Woman.
Special World
Ordinary World
Wonder Woman's special world is Earth. After the battle of the strongest amazon, Wonder Woman was sent to earth to save it.
The main battle that Wonder Woman has to face is to defeat Ares the God of the War. She has to defeat the God of war to save earth.
Wonder Woman defeated the Ares the God of War. Wonder Woman's main goal was to save earth from getting destroyed.
The trial that Wonder Woman faces is Ares sends one of his sons Deimos,to kill Woman Woman.
After she defeated Ares all the amazons treated her differently like royalty. She was also named a leader of the amazons. She trained them and show them new techniques.
Wonder Woman & the Amazons
After her very first mission and a wonderful success. Wonder Woman has plenty more missions in the future.
Wonder Woman vs Cheetah
Wonder Woman vs Medusa
Wonder Woman vs Olympia
Wonder Woman vs Hades
The connection between the call to adventure and return is that part of the call to adventure, where Wonder Woman wins the battle of the the strongest amazon. That is partially why she became the leader of the amazons because of her strength.
The connection between the training/assistance and return is that wonder women trained and trained to be stronger and that what helped her become the leader of the Amazons.
The connection between the crisis and the result/treasure/award is that she beat the crisis and won,she defeated Ares.
The connection between trials and crisis is because of the trials that Wonder Woman had to go through gave her more experience, fighting tactics, and made her stronger to fight her crisis.
The connection between crisis and new life/resolution is because after she defeats Ares, she was able to defeat many more villains in the future from her experience from fighting Ares.
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