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Australian Immigration

No description

anthea tsoulos

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Australian Immigration

Australian Immigration
In the 1970's the policy changed and people from other countries were told and encouraged to come to Australia. The Migrants came from Asia, South America and Europe. After the Vietnam War lots of Vietnamese people came to Australia by thousands of boats.
Aboriginal Pre-1788
In the First Fleet as Captain Cook went on voyage on the Endeavor to explore and discover a new country.As Captain Cook arrived to Botany Bay on the 24 of January 1788, the Aboriginal people who have lived here for over 40 000 weren't so happy or excited that the British took
over their island.

The Age Of Macquarie Gold Rush-1851
In 1945 more than two million migrants came to Australia, the Commonwealth Government paid most of them fairly to came come to Australia, and in return they had to stay in Australia for at least two years plus, for work they just had to listen to what the Government gave them.
In 1901, 98% of people in Australia were of British heritage.If people from
Asia came to Australia they wouldn't be aloud to come because of their light skin color, mostly European were aloud to came because of their olive skin color, but
nobody darker
As the Gold Rush began in the
1850s as James W. Marshall
discovered the gold nugget.
As people heard of the discovery
thousands of people migrated
to California.

In the late ninety's immigrants were deciding to shift from Australia to America and currently America is facing its fourth massive immigrants wave. However wages were very low
even the ones in big cities.
Though people were quite
happy and so were
their familys.
Present Day immigration
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