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Ethics in Disney Movies

No description

Christine Timmerman

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Ethics in Disney Movies

Ethics in Disney Movies Group 30 Tara Pummil
Heather Kain
Christine Timmerman
Matt Bate
Mulan Ethical Decision:
Duty to protect her father vs. breaking cultural traditions
Moral Courage
Stand up for what you believe in
Justice Lion King Accountability
Duty as King to return to Pride Rock
Dont lose focus of who you are- "Remember where you came from."
Hold others accountable, as well as yourself
Little Mermaid What is your Ethical Price?
At what price are you willing to sacrifice your moral convictions Toy Story Ethical Egoism
Woody prides himself on being the best toy.
Later, prides himself on Andy's happiness.
Value of friendship Pocahontas Pinocchio "Always let your conscience be your guide..."
Never deviate from your moral code
Greed QUESTIONS? Integrity
Courage to stand up to her father
Peace above violence
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