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Customer Journey

No description

suzanne mulier

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Customer Journey

The Customer Journey
Need Recognition
Direct motivations:

Interior changes
Wear & tear
Indirect motivations

Hedonic or design need
Practical or functional need
Symbolic need
Search for information
Retail expedition is
planned online:
Quality comparison
Price comparison
Preference shaping
Donate rugs to interior design magazines
to arouse a trigger to search for a specific rug
Deliver high definition/informative online and offline content to draw consumers to clients
External Search

Internal search
Environmental influences of interior design books, home improvement tv-shows & showcase settings
Personal resources, lifestyle, knowledge, attitude & motivation
Pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives
To differentiate from competition provide a label designed in accordance with consumers' needs and buying process
Sales support
Product displays
Store atmosphere
Point-of-purchase ad
Need based division with according in-store posters/settings
Make browsing more convenient to enhance impuls buy
1. Visual scanning on color & pile height
2. Likeability combined with interior fit
3. Likeability combined with touch

Entering the digital world
In-store tool
Search for your ideal rug here
Keep up sales training

for specialized stores
Sales people are consulted for technical information when budget is higher
Average budget
"At Ikea the salesman could have been working in the light bulb department the day before"
Lille, old
Bon Point
Giving away
Charity shop
Throw away
In home
To the shop
Investigate possibility of recycling in return for coupon
The customer journey flow gives insights to elevate product experience
Life time rug
Future purchase
Life time indication
"It's a combination between real wear & tear and psychological wear & tear"
Berlin, younger

"First thing is that is needs to attract the eye, next you think of durability and searviceability. You wouldn't put a white rug in where people come in with their dirty shoes."
Nottingham, old
"You learn from experience, is it serviceable, durable, easy to clean. Is it going to do the job that we wanted to do. If the price is right, you buy it."
Nottingham, old
"When equally priced, I would buy the rug that can recycled."
Lille, old
On avergae 5 years & half (n = 83)
n = 55
Kano model
QR code to redirect consumers with though spots to website
"Since I have my children, I pay a lot of attention to cleaning. So when I buy, I always look at the label for cleaning instructions."
Paris, young
n = 72
"It is easier to compare rugs when they have a name, like Dina or August. It is a sort of psychological effect."
Germany, older
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