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PMS Student

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Kaitlyn

Birth Announcement
I was born on May 21st, 2001, around 2:00 pm. My father and grandmother were there at the hospital with my mother. I was 6 pounds and 21 inches when I was born.

May 21st.
in 2001
In 2001, some popular shows were Malcolm in the Middle, Survivor, and Friends.
The Gemini symbol represents twins. Geminis will see both sides to a disagreement. The two middle lines show 2 people, or two sides.

Kaitlyn Forrest
On the day I was born, the French Taubia Law reconzied slave trade as crimes against humanity.

I share a birthday with Josh Hamilton, a major league baseball player.
May 2001
When I was born, the governor of Virginia was James S. Gilmore III. The population of Virginia was around 7,078,000.
The 36th academy music awards aired on television during the month of my birth. Also, democrats had the majority in the Senate for the first time since 1994. The president when I was born was George W. Bush. A few months after I was born, the twin tower were attacked by terrorists. It caused around 3,000 deaths.
Also, an earthquake hit India and it caused 20,000 deaths. The summer of 2001 is known as "The Summer of the Shark" because there a more then usual amount of shark attacks.
Popular movies in 2001 include Oceans Eleven,
Pearl Harbor, and Drowning Ruth.
Some popular musicians in 2001 were Alica Keys,
Janet Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez.

Best selling books in 2001 were "Drowning Ruth" by Christina Schwarz and "Flipped" by Van Draanen.
Self Reflection

What I enjoyed: I liked making a prezi instead of writing a paper. I think making the prezi was the easiest because the prezi was really easy to make.

What I found difficult: I think finding events on the day I was born was hard because not a lot of things happened on the day I was born.
Next time: If I could do anything differently I would have gathered more information. For this project, I would have got more events on the day I was born.
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