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This is a basic overview of EventShare.

James Hurst

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of EventShare

The DNA of Events Cost in Dollars vs Value How often does it happen? The Problem People don't find out about stuff they
are interested in soon enough to plan for them. There isn't one central location for events
Right now its niche calendars, Facebook, Twitter
LinkedIn, Eventbrite and Eventful Cost in Gas/Time vs Value How Close it it? There are thousands of things people can be interested in. Every person on the planet has their own custom tailored event interest profile. Whenever you actually do go to an event or go somewhere, somehow some combination of the DNA of events aligned with your profile enough for you to actually go.

The reasons you don't go to an event can be just as important as the reason you do go to an event. Haley's Comet Example So....Haley's Comet...I'm not that interested in astronomy. So interest is low.
Interest: Low
Dollar Cost: All I have to do is look up at the right time. Its essentially FREE.
Time Cost: It would only take a few minutes.
Frequency: It happens once every 78 years. SUPER INFREQUENT.
Compounded by the fact that you have to be in the right hemisphere, etc to even see it.

So this extreme illustrates, that its the combination of the factors that determines whether we go to an event or not. The extremely low cost combined with the extreme infrequency overrides my general lack of interest in astronomy. Bowling Why don't we go bowling? Bowling doesn't tip the scale on my personal event profile.

Interest: very low
Time Cost: 2 hours
Dollar Cost: $10
Frequency: I can do this any day of the week. Its not a Taylor Swift concert coming to SLC on a certain date.

When I do go, it might be with a coupon, or because I have done it in a very long time which refers back to frequency again. Interest Time Cost Dollar Cost Frequency Interest Time Cost Dollar Cost Frequency Demolition Derby Example Interest: Pretty High, they are alot of fun
Cost: Not too bad really, $10 maybe??
Time Cost: I'm not going to drive too far for one really
Frequency: This is probably key in that they don't happen that frequently it seems. So one pretty cool thing about this eventShare idea is that your event profile can follow with you when you move or are traveling somewhere new.
Whereas Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover event wouldn't have shown up while you were in SLC, it just so happens that he will be in Portland at the same time as you when you are there for your Brothers Wedding. So you get a new user and you have to start doing information gathering as soon as possible in order to give them the best results.

So when they first come to the site. It could do a reverse IP look up and give them events near them in SLC for example. Monetize--
I have a huge list.
I never sell out.
I never recommend something that doesn't fit their interest profile.
But man when the taylorsville demolition derby is coming to town and I have the list of all the people in a 100 miles radius that have ever been to a demolition derby, that will be golden. I send them an email with a link to an affiliate ticketing system and I'm in. Every event they go to turns into a concrete data point
for their user profile.

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