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Global Analysis: non-verbal communication

No description

Edita Niauriene

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Global Analysis: non-verbal communication

Global Analysis: non-verbal communication
The Environment
Temperature: cold, windy, cloudy.

The Environment
Influence of architectural factors: the interactants were taking pictures.
The participants
The participants
The participants
Last but not least
The Environment
Location: area around St. Michael the Archangel's Church.
Facial expressions
• Various expressions;

• Generally indicated excitement;
- laughing and smiling;

• Reacting accordingly to what their friends have to say.

• Curiosity.

Porture - Position
• Active;

• Constantly changing their posture.

The Participants
Breaking the lithuanian record: the greatest number of plastic bottle caps repurposed into a piece of art.
Touching Behavior
• Touching each other while talking
- arm above the elbow
- tapping on each other’s shoulders;

• Seem at ease;

• Hugging for photos;

• Entering each other’s personal space easily .

Time: 17th October, 2014.
The afternoon, 15.30-15.40.

Setting: Laisvės alėja, the main pedestrian street, popular among tourists.

Participants: a group of young men aged 20-25.

Number of people around: a small crowd because of the event.

The interactants used to wear coats/anoraks; they did not stay for long
(approx. 10 mins).
Impact of people / object around: stopped to have a look.
Presence of a crowd / the mosaic caught their attention (easier for to observe/ capture them).
suggests something "unusual", "unfamiliar", worth recording.
• A group of four males in early twenties (peers);

• Presumably from the Middle East;

• (Exchange) students;

• Equal status.

Vocal behavior
Almost inaudible : due to proximity, background noises and the effect of other people
Lithuanian language spoken by other participants
The use of native language rather than English
temporal presence: left within 10-15 mins.
foot tapping because of weather conditions;
not explicit: minor presence of head nodding, gesticulation;
Physical movement
Limited: a short distance, around the mosaic;
Verbal behavior
remarks related to what was going on;
evaluative responses;
expression of attitudes and opinion.
Eye contact: our unusual behavior was noticed;
Verbal content: questions, comments, guesses (pleasantly surprised?)
Turned around several times while leaving the place
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