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El Dia de Los Muertos - by Dylan, Josh, and Cole

Ms. Hospie, click on this one

Skip Williams

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of El Dia de Los Muertos - by Dylan, Josh, and Cole

El Dia de Los Muertos - by Dylan, Josh, and Cole
Altars (Las Ofrendas)
Candles (Las velas)
Food (La Comida)
Skeletons (Los esqueletos)
Some Mayan cultures even dig up their dead loved ones!
Latin American View on Death
Main part of the culture
Death is a new beginning
Celebrate death to please the spirits
Death is a part of life
Catholic Influence
Syncretism - The blending of beliefs, like Catholicism and indigenous religion.
Role of the Elements
Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind play a large role in this holiday.
History of the Holiday
Aztecs started the tradition. Other Latin American countries adopted the practice as a way to honor their dead.
Modern Celebrations
Cemetery visits
Spending time with the spirits
Picnic beside graves
Decorating the graves
Thanks for Watching... you creampuffs.
Celebrations in Other
El Dio de Los Muertos is celebrated outside Mexico in the United States, Europe, and the Philippines in different ways.
Catholicism had a major role
on Day of the Dead
This is a traditional
altar for a dead loved
one. Latin Americans
put their loved one's
favorite things on the altar
to remember them.
Words to Know!

El agua - Water
El alfenique - Sugar paste
Los angelitos - The little angels
El atole - Corn-based Beverage
Las calaveras - Skulls
El candelero - Candlestick
Las caretas - Masks
El cempazuchitl - Type of flower
El copalli - Incense
La ofrenda - The offering (Altar)
Pan de los muertos - Dead bread
Papel Picado - Papier mache
La vela - Candle
Extra Candy Activity!
1. What is one important element (and the object that represents it) in the ofrenda?
2. What is one other country (besides Mexico) that celebrates El Dia de Los Muertos?
3. What culture sometimes digs up their deceased loved ones?
Answer all of these correctly to get more candy!
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