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wiktor pietraszewski

on 22 April 2010

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RESEARCH/INFORMATION WEBSITES Wikipedia is a very useful website for general fact finding. It is not the most reliable website because it can be editted by registered users. Wikipedia also provides links to other useful websites related to the topic. It uses imagery well and the layout is clear and is easy to navigate through it's pages. MY DIGITAL PERSONAL LEARNING ENVIROMENT
Explores geography archeology
and natural sciences.It also
promotes natural conservation
and the study of world culture
and history.The website also
contains various articles which
photo galleries and videos,
exploring a wide range of topics.
I visit this website because iam
generally intrested in the topics
that the website presents and
the interesting media it provides.
This is a very useful
revision website that
goes over physiological
topics (especially anatomy)
in a very visual clear style.
The websie is divided to the
seperate sections depending
on the topic. The topic is
explained in a clear easy to
learm style (revision notes).
In the anatomy there
are associated diagrams clearly
labelled and described which is
very useful.
Very interesting website
containing the most up to
date scientfic articles.
I use this website for
research and general reading.
th website also contains
visual and audio media. SOCIAL NETWORKING GENERAL BROWSING Facebook has become a global phenomenon.
It is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. It provides the capability of uploading photos and videos and to share them with everyone. From my point of view the best thing about facebook is the way events can be organised and managed , such as birthday parties or reunions. I use facebook everyday and i use it to connect with all my closest friends. The internet movie database,
is a website that catergorises and
reviews movies tv shows and video
games. It has a star rating system
where the viewer votes.Every actor has
there own page on the site containing a
biography (including what awards they
have won and have been nominated for) and
a filmography giving the nae and year of
every film/tv/VG they have been a part of.
This is a very good wesite because it gives
the viewer to be the critic. This Ratings
that are given give a true reflection of what
the audence think. It is a very useful tool
if you want to find out when the film/show is
being released or to find out who stars in it.
I use this website quite a lot just as a film
Youtube is a video sharing website
where videos from all around the world
are posted and shared for others to view.
It it used by many recording artists to
promote their music by posting video podcasts/
music videos. By becoming a member of the site
it allows you to make a your own profile and
upload your own videos. There is a rating system
for all videos and comments can be left expressing
you views. If there is a particular video poster thatyou enjoy it is possible to suscribe to their youtube channel and you will be informed of all new videos that are posted by the. I use youtube a lot. It is always interesting what you can find.
I use the bbc news and sport
website regulary. I use the webiste to
catch up on all the latest news. The website also has videos supporting most articles/news stories. There are different news catergories from education to science and nature. The videos in science categories are especially useful because they are educational and interesting. There are many different types of websites i use to enhance my learning. I have split them up into three different categories.
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