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ashley mccoy

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of logos

Ads that appeal to: A family!
Ads that Appeal to:
Facts and Statistics

Feelings for example: sad, happy, angry, depressed, etc. (AM)
Women's Ad
Ethos mean trust and ethics. (NS)
Ads for famous people.
senior citizens
People with high income.
Bandwagon is when your friends are doing things that you think you should do also. I think I should get a pink case because all my friends have one. Don't always do what your friends do it could end a bad situation. (N.S)
This is ad appeals to expert testimony because, experts are trying to persaude you to take better care of yourself. This happens to be heart surgeons. These doctors are called cardiologist. (AM)
either/ or
On the McDonald's sign it says, "you can eat here or go hungry, its your choice". it's either /or because you're giving them two options for what they can do. You can only give them two options to choose from. (NS)
Hasty Generalization
This is a testimonial, which is using famous people to advertise a product, because Michael Jordan is advertising coco cola.If people like Micheal Jordan like It, then I should to, because I want to be like Mike. This ad implies that drinking coco cola keeps you fit and active, like Mike.
Hasty Generalization is when you are quick to judge someone.
This ad is hasty generalization because The dog is judging other animals and calling them something they're not. The reason why this dog made this hypothesis is because, cats have 4 legs and in his thought he thinks since cats have 4 legs, then he must be a cat. TJ.
Welcome to our prezi:)
Name Calling
Loaded Words
Fear Tactics
Advertising a product using facts or statements using numbers and words. (B.C)
In this ad it shows a depressed melonacholy dog that's behind bars for unidentiffied reasons advertisement, somewhat similar to ASPCA but different. The meaning of this ad tries to persuade the viewers to either donate to them or save lives or adopt. TJ.
This ad is using fear tactics because people are scared to die. People know that smoking is not healthy. Thinking about dying may cause people to stay away from smoking. (AM)
Name calling is when you are trying to convince someone to not buy a product.
This ad is not attacking the jello but attacking the person that advertises it. He is a bad man but was a spokesman for jello.(NS)
Expert testimony
Circular Reasoning

YouTube Video--->
Glittering generalities
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