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Consumerism Exposed!

The story of stuff

Chaltu Abdulrhman

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Consumerism Exposed!

The Product
How your clothes are made depend on where you buy. Some companies often use sweatshops to make their garments. Sweatshops are factories or workshops with poor working conditions, and labor law violations. People and often children will get paid below minimum wage for hard labor work.
Where does your shirt your wearing come from? How did you get it? and where does it go after your done with it? or end up?
Consumerism in Business
Major clothing brands & companies use sweatshops mainly to make more money because:
Using sweatshops reduces the cost of clothes made by people being paid minimum wage, and with laws protecting their rights
They seek out nations with less demanding labor laws
Rule #1

When it comes to Consumerism YOU DON'T MATTER.
What do corporations want from you?


By being knowledgeable about the 'traps' they use to scam you,

You will save your time, attention and money.

How's Media Helping?
Celebrity Kim Kardashian has been in heat for having made millions from endorsing products made in sweatshops for her clothing line. Kids and people all over the world watching and wanting to be like them makes our knowing of right & wrong and reality distorted.

Capture Attention
consumrism kf avtrising som toyuy njjgkfjh nfjfjkgjf fornty toy you tomrrow angt youkkhjyout torust m on this yo's
Advertisers use stereotypes and things they assume certain groups of people are like.
Advertisers and marketers will use all sorts of techniques to fool and convince you that you NEED the product they're trying to sell.
They will use stuff like:
Celebrity endorsement
Guilt & fear
Emotional factors
Fit in
Look attractive
Have security
To be on trend
feel good about yourself
You are the perfect consumer.
And whats expected of you?
You listen to what advertisers and marketers tell you.
You get new products when the old get out of season.
You get the things you want rather than things you need.
You would rather replace something than having to fix it.
You follow Fashion & Pop culture.
You cherish your brands
We all try everyday to be the best consumers
we can be,because that is what keeps the
country running

The Perfect Consumer?
kclpgjkhkglh haw svkkg kgjkkjfnjkg grow yortoygklgjhkgh som sonsumrism avtising tomorrow
Buy Now Pay Later
Throughout history several industrial disasters have happened but the most recent one was the factory collapse in Bangladesh.
Thousands died in a garment factory collapse that made clothing to big name brands like H&M Joe Fresh inc.
workers were forced to work even thought they reported seeing cracks in the walls
This is just one example of what goes wrong when people forget where there clothes come from
So Who Really Runs The Country?
The people
or Corporations
Consumerism depends on the people to buy, Why? because the system would collapse if we stopped spending.We work hard to earn money for what we buy, and if we can't keep up some of us borrow. We treat ourselves and our children, we teach them to cherish the brands like we do because they are the consumers of tomorrow. See everything we do revolves around buying, consuming, trashing and buying so ask yourself, Who really runs the country

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