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The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology: According to Marvel Comics

a brief overview of the worlds surrounding the Marvel character Thor

Josh Hampton

on 14 November 2010

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Transcript of The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology: According to Marvel Comics

The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology According to The Nine worlds are basically the various realms that encompass all Norse Mythos In the Mighty Thor comic
this is basically how things are laid out... A presentation By J.Hampton Everything lives in a tree called Yggdrasil Yggdrasil has astroids
stuck in her branches Heres what it looks like in the comic The first and most important of these asteroids is Asgard This is where Thor lives Midgard is what the Norse call earth The Rainbow Bridge (also called Bifrost) connects Asgard to Midgard Next is Vanaheim The people that live here are called the Vanir and the are super-humans similar to the people that live on Asgard Then you have Nidvelir This relm is the home to the Dwarves. They are the short aggresive little working class to the asgardians. They are mostly blacksmiths and machine workers. The Light Elves live here and they are basicly like the Wood Elfs from Tolkien's middle-earth Next is Alfheim Jotunheim Hel Nifflheim Muspeklheim Svartalfheim Now there are 5 worlds connected to the roots of Yggdrasil The land of the Frost Giants The Land of the Dark Elves Finnaly, when you die, the Norse say you either are honored and go to Asgard in the after life... or you go to The land ruled by the evil Hela However The especially evil people go here to spend their after life Finally the 9th and final realm is... Land of the fire demons And that is the Nine Worlds according to Marvel Comics
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