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Kohl's Human Resources

No description

rachel mullins

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Kohl's Human Resources

Company Overview
-CEO= Kevin Mansell
-Revenue= $19,000,000,000
-Stock Price- $59.93
-Top American Department store
-Founded in 1962
-Menomonee Falls, Wisconson
Kohl's Human Resources
Recruitment Methods
-Internal Recruitment
-Executives officers with many years at Kohl's
-External Recruitment from the retail industry
-Long Interview process
Training Methods
-Basic training for all employees
-Code of ethics
-Executive board members have higher level education
-Induction training
-Regional Managers sent to conferences

Flexible Working Practices
-Increased ITC allows for communication from home
-High management positions have many vacation days
-Part-time positions
-Work-Study Programs

Job Openings
-Emphasis on internal promotion
-Board votes on new members
-Located between Milwaukee and Chicago
-Openings for lower level positions posted on website but not high managment positions
Organizational Chart
Labor Force
-140,000 employees
-Five executive officers
-Wide span of control
-High amount of lower level workers
Management Style
Employee Motivation (Financial Motivators)
Employee Motivation (Non-Financial Motivators)
Motivational Strategies
Overall Analysis
Suggestions for Improvement
Works Cited

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Kohl's Employee Handbook. Menomonee Falls: Kohl's, 2012. Print.

1. Open Communication
2. Focus Groups
3. Bulletin Boards
4. Committees
5.Electronic Communication

-Laissez Faire
-Power given to regional and divisional management to increase intrinsic motivation
-Store run according to national guidelines yet have freedom to make certain decisions on their own

-Raise with Promotion
-Shares in Kohl's
-Lower Level- Promotion, Commission, Wages, Discounts

- V.A.L.U.E.S.
- Milestone Recognition
- Yes You Did
- Maslow's Theory
- Saftey Nets through various benefits and programs to allow for a stable home for employees
-Herzberg's Theory

-Internal Recruitment
-HR is at high importance in company
-Employees are seen as the most vital asset in the firm
-High Quality Workers
-More External Recruitment
-Larger Executive Board
-More Autocratic Leadership
-More Diversity in the Executive Board
Kevin Mansell-CEO
Peggy Eskenasi-Senior Executive Vice President
Wes McDonald- Senior Executive Vice President, CFO
Donald Brennan- Chief Merchandising Officer
John M. Worthington- Chief Administrative Officer
Administrative Workers
Regional Supervisors
Store Supervisors
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