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The Paranormal...

Paranormal things and activity

Teresa Aguilera

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of The Paranormal...

Do you ever wonder if
such things exist?.... Like ghost or witches?....
well.... they might
exist..... Do you believe ghost are real?.... Some people do
and some people don't. Although many people have
said they seen ghost's or
have been possessed by one... Ghosts are most common said to be found in haunted houses ,
graveyards, and in abandoned places. Some Ghost pictures aren't real because many people use photoshop just to get attention. Another famous legend is the sasquatch
otherwise known as Bigfoot. A lot of people try to find bigfoot or had an
encounter with him. Bigfoot's can be found in
mountains or forest areas. This is the footage
of the 1st bigfoot
sighting There's also another famous tale of
The Loch Ness Monster Not much is known
about this because people say
the monster is fake or it was just a log. There are also fan made legends that people
post on the internet on a website called "CreepyPasta.com" Dont know what a CreepyPasta is? It's a website
were people post stories of something that is
real or not. Some Creepypasta's are really popular
many people believe they're real... most of
them involve video games that are supposedly
haunted... Im going to name some famous
"haunted" video games that are based off of CreepyPasta's Sonic R- The Tails Doll curse
BEN DROWNED - Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
Pokemon Lost Silver
Pokemon the Lavender town curse
Sonic CD- Hidden message There are tons more
but I'm not going to
name them all. Some of the creepypasta's on the list have pictures to convince people that the Pasta is real I'll use Slenderman as an example This is evidence that People make to make other people
believe that SlenderMan is real. Dont know who Slender Man is?
This is what he looks like If you don't know who Slender Man is,
This is what he looks like. Many people believe the pictures and
video are just a hoax but what do you think?... Like I said before no one knows if these things
are real or not... they could be just a fraud.
I think it's real because there's some footage
to proof that it possibly is.... I hope you liked my presentation and enjoyed
learning some new things... I hope I didn't make you
guys scared. Bibliography The Resources I used to help with this presentation are: Kids Infobits
Ask Kids
Yahoo Kids
Creepy Pasta wiki And other websites and resources. The Paranormal ... By Teresa Aguilera Books: Encyclopedia Horrifica Websites: Washington is said to be the state that has more bigfoot sightings
which has
about 600
sightings Grade 6
Library Media @ Irvington, Mrs. EFB
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