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Adult Learning by K.P. Cross

No description

Kayleigh Joyce

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Adult Learning by K.P. Cross

Adult Learning
K.P. Cross The Characteristics of Adults as Learners (CAL) model Principles Knowles and Rogers Adult Learning
K.P. Cross The CAL model consists of two classes of variables: personal characteristics and subsitutional characteristics This model attempts to integrate other theories such as : Kayleigh Joyce
G20353228 Personal Characteristics
Life phases
Developmental stages Situational Characteristics Administration of Learning
Problem-centred My Personal Characteristics for achieving this qualification are: Realisation of future prospects
Personal goal to achieve a degree level qualification in Business Management
Young child to care for
Full-time job to sustain My situational characteristics for achieving this qualification are: Part-time
Optional but compulsory to achieve my own long-term objective; obtain a senior management role in facilities management within the next 5 years Adults should capitalise on the experience of participants
Adults learning programmes should adapt to age limitations of the participants
Adults should be challenged to move to increasingly advanced stages of personal development
Adults should have as much choice as possible in the availability and organisaiton of learning programmes Completed BTEC HNC in Business Studies in 2009 BA (Hons) Business Management
is a natural progression E-learning was the most appropriate method of achieving this qualification for me Tutor led providing an interactive and structured learning programme Andragogy by M. Knowles Adults need to understand the subject they are learning
They need to apply it practically
Approach learning as problem solving
The subject should significantly benefit the learner "As an adult learner I have been able to progress in my career as a result of futher development." "Each learner must be responsible
for his or her own learning." "I believe that everyone should have a goal and understand the requirements to achieve it." Experiential Learning by C. Rogers Rogers distinguished two types of learning: Cognitive Experiential Achieve a degree level qualification Self-initiated, motivated by personal CSMART objectives "I want to achieve a degree level qualification. This
is a personal goal because I decided not to go to University immediately after sixth form." These theories relate most dominant learning styles developed my Honey and Mumford Reflector Theorist Pragmatist "Tell me, Convince me, Show me..." I agree with the context and
corresponding learning theories,
in relation to my own
personal learning But... theses theories don't consider individuals who do not recognise their own capability and talents. These people should be encouraged to progress to achieve greater satisfaction in life. "I believe that everyone is capable of fulfilling their full potential,
if they understand and appreciate the outcome." The video clip will demonstrate that
we all have the ability to learn and
develop naturally as children, this is
disrupted when we reach adulthood and
are responsible for our own learning...
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