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Looking for Alaska: Timeline

No description

chloe brown

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Looking for Alaska: Timeline

Miles and Alaska get kicked out of class, and after class smoke with The Colonel and Takumi. Alaska says she "Smokes to die".
Colonel and Pudge attend the first basketball game, where Kevin offers them a truce, which they decline. Colonel tells pudge about how he gets kicked out of every basketball game.
Miles meets Lara

101 Days Before
84 Days Before
44 days Before
Alaska convinces Miles and he then convinces his parents that he should stay there for Thanksgiving. Miles decides that he'd rather go home for Thankgiving but his parents have already booked a flight to England so he had to stay.
Alaska and Miles spend most of the break together and Miles falls more in love with her.
The Colonel has Pudge over for Thanksgiving. Pudge learns just how poor the Colonel is and how rough his life is.
Alaska sets Miles up with Lara on a date with herself and Jake, and The Colonel and Sara
They go on their date, starting at the basketball game. While the Colonel is trying to get kicked out, Pudge gets hit in the head with a basketball and gets a concussion. He then pukes on Lara. Miles spends the rest of the date at the hospital with Lara and Takumi. The Colonel breaks up with Sara.
It starts raining, and Lara says it's no big deal that Miles puked on her.
122 Days Before
Miles finds out Alaska has a boyfriend
He meets Takumi
Pudge, wearing only his boxers, is awoken by Kevin and the other Weekday Warriors, a.k.a. the rich kids at the school, duck-taped from head to toe and thrown into water.
Weekday Warriors disliked the Colonel was because they believe that he ratted out Paul and Marya.( Weekday Warriors that got caught by the Eagle breaking the laws of Culver Creek)
At Culver Creek, Miles meets his roommate, Chip, also known as the Colonel, and a girl named Alaska. The Colonel nicknames Miles, Pudge. Pudge likes Alaska instantly.
128 Days Before
136 Days Before
Miles Halter is beginning his first year at Culver Creek High School as a junior in Alabama,
searching for "The Great Perhaps" that he concluded would lead him to a greater realization about life and help him to understand the world around him

“How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?” is the line Alaska leaves Pudge with to ponder over.
Mr. Hyde assigned their first semester final - "What is the most important question that humans have to answer?"
Looking For Alaska:

1 Day Before
Alaska, the colonel, Miles, Takumi and Lara all lied to the Eagle about where they were going and went to the barn for the prank. Takumi and Miles set off firecrackers behind the classroom the Eagle was in and he came out and while he chased them, Alaska and Colonel sent reports home to 23 of the rich kids parents saying they failed. Lara put blue hair die in Kevin and his two side kicks hair products.
They all hangout in the barn getting drunk and playing games. Alaska tells them about the time when she was young and her mom died infront of her and she didnt do anything about it. Her dad blamed her for her mom's death. Miles ends up kissing Lara and then asks her to be his girlfirend and she says yes
The Last Day
Miles gets some action from Lara but then also makes out with Alaska later on while she was drunk. He heard Alaska crying and she asked him and the colonel to distract Eagle so she could go somewhere. She wouldn't tell them where she was going but she said she forgot something and she was really upset
The Day After
They are waken up by the Eagle coming into their room saying they needed to come down to the gym. He announces that Alaska has died in a car accident and Chip and Miles think it was their fault. Miles is also upset because he will never know what Alaska's last words were.
Most of the 'After' Section
Miles and the Colonel spend the next couple months investigating Alaska's death. They needed a from of closure. They visit the crash site, the police station, they call Jake, and they look through her copy of The General in his Labrynth. Miles also starts to ignore Lara.
Prank for Alaska
The Colonel and Pudge (and with a little help from Pudges dad) put aside their differences with the Weekday Warriors to pull of a prank dedicated to Alaska. The eagle lets them go because there was no way to hold them individually responsible.
(For the prank they got a male stripper to talk on stage in front of the school and then start stripping)
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