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Career Shadowing Novemeber 2010

No description

Haley Futch

on 4 November 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Novemeber 2010

Career Shadowing:
Dance Instructor My career shadowing mentor is a self contracted dance instructor. She teaches dance to students of all ages at whatever companies need her. She teaches ballroom, ballet, pointe, jazz, and some tap. In 15 years my mentor hopes to still be teaching dance with Sapphires. Employability Skills used in this job:
1.Be prepared. (ballet shoes, shoes for young children, treats)
2. Dress appropriately. (leotard, tights/dance pants, and dance shoes)
3.Be on time. The average salary is $20-50 per student, per forty-five minute class. She was trained to teach. Dance teachers also learn using a program called divida. Technology used in this job includes a sound system, cd player, and PC. Skills needed for this job:
proper ettiqute
communication skills
ability to work with people of all ages Being that my mentor doesn't exactly work for a company because she is self contracted I could not work for the company. However I would like to have this job. What I liked best about this job is that I had a break inbetween morning classes and afternoon/evening classes. I also enjoyed working with the kids. There really wasn't much I didn't like about the job. It was overall an amazing experience. Room where we danced at Bright Imaginations Sapphires Dance Studio Haley and Sara doing arabesques en pointe Dancing with the little guys at Bright Imaginations. Haley and Ms. Doerta At Bright Imaginations Pointe class and older girls ballet class practicing pointe work
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