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The Story of a Mad Woman: The Pursuit of National Board

Cress will share an overview of the National Board process and her coping strategies balancing life, career and the port

Sarah Cress

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The Story of a Mad Woman: The Pursuit of National Board

The Pursuit of National Board
The Story of a Mad Woman...
Who am I to talk?
March arrives!!
My high school student
teaching mentor, Susan
Gleason saw something in
I contracted the illness....
- Took a summer workshop to learn more
- Applied for scholarship funds from Illinois State University
- Applied for the National Board process
- Joined a local support group run by past achievers of National Board
- Attended district sessions regarding National Board
- Identified mentors within my building
The pursuit began...
1. I changed my outlook - I became devoted and open to change

2. I scheduled time to write

3. I scheduled time to relieve stress

4. I set personal deadlines and kept myself accountable

5. I bounced ideas and entries off of colleagues

6. I constantly reminded myself of why I was doing this in the first place
How I survived...
Get rid of that thing!

- Doctoral candidate and Graduate
Teaching Assistant at the University
of Missouri, St. Louis
- National Board Certified (Early
Adolescence through Young
- Prior experience in the high school
and alternative setting domains
Sarah Cress
- One classroom-based entry with accompanying student work
- Two classroom-based entries that require video recordings of interactions between you and your students
- One documented accomplishments entry that provides evidence of your accomplishments outside of the classroom and how that work impacts student learning
Portfolio what??
I nailed my first teaching position, teaching
photography at Streamwood High School.
I waited three long years and then...
Tips you can use...
1. Start EARLY (writing and videotaping)
2. Use the National Board Documents to outline your entries (copy and paste)
3. Send entries to at least four different people (two within your field, two beyond your field)
4. Begin freshening up on your art history around December
Secrets you should know...
1. Write simply - don't be wordy
2. Only use one space between sentences
3. Use numbers instead of writing out 1, 2, 3, 4
4. Borrow a flip camera or use a tablet to record
5. Use a tripod when taping
6. Try to avoid showing students' faces
Prepping for the testing
1. Review your old art history books and notes
2. Pick up a copy of "The Annotated Mona Lisa"
3. Download a few art history apps
4. Start practicing timed written responses
Try to forget...
...everything that just happened to you. I'm SERIOUS. National Board makes you wait a LONG time before you hear the results.
Then comes November...
This can potentially be the most amazing, celebratory experience of your life. All your work has FINALLY paid off!!
Regardless of what happens...
1. You have just become a more reflective practicioner
2. You have communicated you devotion to the field to
colleagues, students and parents
3. You have a very cool portfolio
4. You are a stronger and more passionate educator
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