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Psychological Literacy

No description

chris granados

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Psychological Literacy

Psychological Literacy
For me, literacy is having enough knowledge about a certain topic to the point where an individual is able to teach others.
Examples of Literacy
There are endless examples of literacy. Some popular ones may be: music, automotive, sports, language, writing, acting, dancing, cooking, etc.
Why Psychological Literacy?
Last semester I took a psychology class and was mesmerized by the unique and intriguing concepts which this field has to offer. It was interesting and appetizing to see how biological processes work together to produce an action or how and where long and short term memories are stored. Bottom line, I was hooked on the notion of how humans work, think, act, and evolve.
What Is Psychological Literacy?
Psychological literacy is the adaptive capacity to apply psychological science to achieve personal and societal needs.
A special thanks to Mrs. Williams for all of her help and time. This project would not be possible without her input and knowledge.
By: Chris Granados
With so many different choices, it seemed impossible to choose a specific literacy; however, a certain experience a few months ago led me to choose psychological literacy.
Which One?
How to Become Psychologically Literate
In order to master this literacy you must apply psychological science (critical thinking, psychology principles) to the following:
1. Myself and others
2. The local community
3. The global community

Myself and Others
Being psychologically literate for ourselves and others means that:
1. I am self-reflective and try and understand myself and others?
2. I try and enhance the well-being and resilience of myself and others?
My sponsor, Mrs. Williams, had great fluency in this field because through her counseling career she's been able to understand other people's situations all while learning from them and enhancing her personal characteristics.
The Local Community
Applying psychological literacy in the local community means that:
1. Psychological principals are put into action in order to understand group behavior.
2. Some sort of contribution is invested into the community (volunteering, community job, etc)
Mrs. Williams demonstrated her psychological literacy expertise in the community by working as a hospice. She worked and volunteered as a hospice in order to help those with terminal diseases. She used her knowledge of cognition (the way people think) in order to relate to her patients and form a relationship with them.
The Global Community
Using psychological literacy in the global community means being aware of the fact that actions and thought processes could affect someone in another part of the world. A great example of this would be poverty. If I choose to understand why some people live in poverty, instead of judging them, I would be able to realize that not everyone chooses to live that way but is sometimes born into those circumstances. With this understanding I would be more opened to helping those in need.
My professor has had the privilege to work with people from all cultures and races and therefore has a diverse understanding of different types of lives and people.
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