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Audism Unveiled

No description

Katie Straus

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Audism Unveiled

Resistance: Through out deaf history, the deaf community has faced oppression in many ways. However the deaf community has created forms of resistance in order to get the equality they deserve.
Resistance in the work place
In the movie we see an example of resistance in the work place. A man was working at a council agency in which four of the three secretary's were deaf. Because the job required phone calls, there was only one secretary that could make the phone calls for the other deaf workers. This caused the hearing sectary to get behind in the rest of her paperwork, angering the boss. So the boss said the hearing secretary could only make phone calls for the deaf employees on Thursdays. Creating frustration for the deaf employees in that they could thus then only work on Thursdays, so they unplugged all of the phone lines when it wasn't Thursday to resist the boss' new unfair rules.
Gallaudet University
Deaf President Now
Deaf President Now was a resistance movement held by the students at Gallaudet University in March 1988.
Students began to hold rally's because they wanted the first deaf president at the University.
They first elected a hearing president that year, but because of students resistance including rallys, locking the gates within campus and essentially shuting down the campus, it lead to the first deaf president of the 124-year old university.

Deaf President Now ( Cont.)
"Deaf President Now (DPN) has become synonymous with self-determination and empowerment for deaf and hard of hearing people everywhere."
Deaf Resistance Art
Deaf Resistance Art
Deaf resistance art is powerful within the deaf community.
Issues of oppression, identity formation, and political struggles are represented in deaf resistance art.
Works Cited

Audism Unveiled
Katie Straus, Valarie Kohorst, Sam Ross & Sara Rodriguez
<---This picture is by famous deaf artist Betty G Miller, and is explaining the frustration of the the culture encouraging oralism.
Example from Audism Unveiled:
One example of resistance in the movie is when a boy tells a story about how much he hated his parents making him wear the big hearing aid box around his neck. He says he would do anything to "lose" the thing, until one day when his dad was selling his car, he put the box in the car with the new owner and waved happily as he drove away with it, unbeknownst to his parents.
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