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Fitness Training & Programming

No description

Jason Harding

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Fitness Training & Programming

What are we going to achieve?
What is Speed?
OK... so where else in the world of sport can speed be utilized?
In Groups of 4/5...
Can we devise a speed training activity in this small space?
Methods of training for speed
Aim - To understand speed and how it can be improved for sports performance
Devise the main component of a speed session. You must state the following;

The sport it is catered for
The exercises (adhering to the FITT Principle)
Any equipment required
Answers on a post-it please!
Graffiti board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 mins!!!!!! Create now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go!!!!!!


Training for Speed
Fitness Training & Programming
To describe the component of speed and its use for sports performance
Learning outcomes
Explain the different methods of training for speed
Construct a session plan for the improvement of speed
So what principles do we need to adhere to in order to improve a sports performers speed?
Speed is the distance covered per unit of time
Ok class, clear a space in the middle of the room please...
Assignment task
Produce a speed training session plan for a sports performer of your choice.
Please utilize the FITT principle
Please state the profile of your performer e.g. trained/untrained/elite etc...
Please state how you are going to monitor performance/intensity levels.
Explain your methods!
Justify the reason for your chosen methods
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