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Digital Storytelling with Photo Story 3

This is a presentation on digital storytelling I made for the American Language Program (ALP) faculty workshop at Bergen Community College. This is also the first time I tried Prezi. I have to say...it's my kind of presentation!! Love it! Love it!!

Jennie Kim

on 18 February 2012

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling with Photo Story 3

Digital Storytelling with Photo Story 3 What is digital storytelling? What do I need to start? Sample Video Clips What was seen, heard or used in the digital stories you saw? photos images recorded voices storytelling writing That's all Folks! Who's using it? downloaded on your computer How do you use Photo Story 3? Tutorial Let's try it together! How is it taught in class? Students' Work narration & music storytelling voice inflection Give students: a timeline a rubric storyboard sheets Put students in groups of 2 or 3. Have students start each class with a 15 minute meeting. Help students with: writing the story story telling techniques pronunciation intonation etc. First recording:
After students are done with story, complete with photos and music, recording is done in class while the instructor gives feedback. Final recording:
After much editing and practicing of the narration, students will give their final graded recording. music Computer with a mike and speakers/headphones Microsoft Photostory 3 The University of Houston
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Laguardia Community College
MiraCosta College
and still counting... Welcome! Music and Visual effect
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