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future technology entertainment.

future entertainment how different it will be

james crowther

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of future technology entertainment.

technology of the future future entertainment There are lots of ideas about entertainment in the future from living in a surreal game world to controlling your character with your mind and with lot of brands competing to make you happy it seems more than likely. GRAPHICS
the graphics in the future are meant to be amazing but the best graphics so far come from 343 industries halo 4. A Surreal Game World there are lots of ideas about living in a surreal gaming world whenever you like wherever you like and however you like where you can do what you want. the closest we have to this today is Bethesda game studios elder scrolls series, where you can be whatever you want and interact with the gaming characters talk to them and so on but this is 2d and your looking at a screen not actually there and you cannot actually touch things like you would in a surreal world. nowadays if you want to watch 3d television you will have to were some glasses but in the future you will not have to were anything like on the 3ds but better graphics. Xbox 720 there have been lots of rumors about the Xbox 720 but it is said that it will be seen in our stores by the end of 2013. the price tag for the xbox 720 is £190 a lot more than the xbox 360. the end the end playstation 4 the playstation 4 is the fourth consle to be made by the brand sony and it is said it will come out round late 2013.the ps4 is predicted to cost round about £425 sourcewww.ps4playstation4.com to this from this Robots of the Future By James Crowther There are lots of ideas and fantasies of
robots like terminator and transformers
but in reality the technology to make these things would have to be immense. there are robots being made now but they aren't the terminator anyone thinks they are not this! THIS! why are we trying to make robots? there is a augment on about why we should make robots.
for example; what is the point in making a robot butler to park your car when it would be easier to make the car park itself. source http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-03/30/humanoid-robots Robot sizes when I think of robots I think of big clunky machines with metal all over them but you would be surprised at their real sizes. not all of them are that big take this example. I hope you enjoyed my prezi :)
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