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vaisnavi kamalakaran

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of LETZ DANCE!

The style of dance
The style of dance we are presenting is a part of Bollywood and Hip Hop and also Ghana dance. The 4 songs that we are presenting are Amplifier by Imran Khan. Imran Khan is a Punjabi singer and he is also a famous Indian rapper. The second song that we are presenting is Chammak Challo from a popular movie , Ra One. This song is sung by a American singer, his name is Akon. The 3rd song is Yaar indha pendhaan is a remix done by a person in Scarborough. The fourth song is Antenna by ODG fuse.
What the Dances Represent...
Bollywood: Bollywood dance has it origins in indian classics and folk dance. Over the years Bollywood dance has been mixed with popular Western dance forms. Chammak Challo , Amplifier and Yaar Indha Pendhaan are the songs we used from Bollywood.
Ghana: In Ghana, music and dance are part of everyday life . There are 4 types of music that can be heard in Ghana; Contemporary music, Traditional music, Gospel music and Imported music. We used the song Antenna from Ghana music
When is this Dance Presented
Bollywood: This dance is presented at weddings, birthday parties, bridal shower, parties and any other fun occasions. Bollywood dance is not presented at ceremonies because, a much more detailed and traditional dance is presented at that time.
Ghana Dance
Ghana: Ghana dance has specific dances for certain occasions. Borborbor is presented at occasions when the community and the people of the place come together. Ghana is a specialized place for music and arts so, basically the arts category.
What Type of Music/Instruments is Used?
Bollywood: In Bollywood music, mostly folk instruments are used because the music is always fun. In the music that we will be presenting you to use is Tumbi,Dotar,Folk Sarangi and also Kamaicha. Tumbi and Dotar are plucked instruments. Folk Sarangi and Kamaicha are bowed instruments.
Ghana: In Ghana music mostly drumming instruments are used because Ghanian songs are usually a song with a certain ongoing beat. Popular instruments and also instrument used in the song are Aburkuwa and Rakatak.
What is Worn, When presenting
When doing Bollywood dance, females wear Indian suits. There are different types of suits such as Anarkali, Shalwar and many more. Males usually wear Jipa. A Jipa can come in many colors just like suits.
Ghanian dancers wear many colorful outfits. Females wear a multi-colored printed dresses and also usually on their dresses people print the Ghana colors. Males wear a pants that are brightly printed. They usually don't wear a shirt but, they do decorate themselves with many different types of hats.
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