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Victoria's Secret Marketing Campaign

To Live in Pink

Erika Mae Martin

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Victoria's Secret Marketing Campaign

Victoria's Secret
Limited Edition
To Live in Pink
Breast Cancer Awareness Bras To Live in Pink
Breast Cancer Awareness Capaign To Live in Pink Company Image Target Market Core Brand
Women 25 – 50 years of age
Middle class
Yearly Income $36,000 - $57,657
Single/dating living on own/cohabit
Married with young family/older family
College educated with Bachelors or higher Current Usage of Marketing Annual Fashion Show
Print Ads
Direct Mailing
Special Deals
Social Media Purpose of Campaign Timeline Press Release: Announcing the To Live in Pink Campaign August October September 1: Mail Flyers October 1-31: 25% of Proceeds go towards the Susan G. Komen Foundation September 20% of the Proceeds are Donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation November December Mailer Outside Inside Bag Window Display and Outdoor Ad September 30: In-store promotion change Flyer Business Card Online sales only Largest American lingerie retailer [Founded 1977]
Known for "sexy underwear as fashion" and "lingerie mainstream entertainment"
Also offer fragrances, swimwear and clothing
Sub-brand = "Pink" Pink
Teenage/young adult women
15-24 years of age
Middle class
Yearly income: $9,107
Single/dating, living at home, or cohabit
High school or beginning college Psychographics Fashion driven
Has interest in beauty
Wants romance and wants to show it
Wants to feel confident and sexy at all times
Wants to look classy and stylish Katie Francis
Kathleen Laverde
Erika Mae Martin
Cassaundra Ramirez Presented By: Increase sales in the month of October by collaborating with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to start a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, "To Live in Pink"
Exclusively sold at the Herald's Square location in New York and available online Products Budget
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