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Input and Output devices

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Heather Forsyth

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Input and Output devices

Input Devices- Bar Code Scanners!
This is a Tablet! its like a computer but smaller! This small Computer can play games,Surf the web and take pictures!!

Input and Output devices
Input and Output devices
There are many different input and output device used today. Input is the information that you put into the computer and that makes data. Output is the data you get out of the computer from either a memory stick or a printer
Keyboards are commonly used for typing Data into the device (mainly a computer) and the computer processes it into information! So a keyboard is used to input data into the computer
Input Devices -Keyboard!
A mouse is used to control the cursor on your monitor. This is useful because without one you would not be able to navigate anything on your computer! If you have a laptop you may choose to have one of these instead on a touch pad
Input Devices - Mouse!
Input Devices- Cameras
A camera is a device you can snap pictures or film memorable events! These usually come with a memory card or you have to buy separately. you can save all your pictures on your laptop with the memory card!
Input Devices - Tablet
You insert a disc into the device and it saves memories to the disc. you can replay them, delete them and edit them to your liking!!
Input Devices-Video camera!!!
You can get many different types of USB sticks! patterned, in the shapes of food and many many more! This device inputs data into the computer!!!
Input devices and output device-USB Sticks!
Headphones come in many makes and many forms! Headphones are a device that plays sound and music through mini speakers!
Input Devices -Headphones!
Bar code scanners are normally used in shops. they are used to scan data into the computer! The data is incripted into the Bar code!
Web cams are usually in the computer! You can Skype people take pictures and even film videos!
Input Devices-Web cam!
Input Devices -Dongles!
Dongles are used if there is no WI-FI. you can also use them to print Pictures! Things will be made easier at home if you have no WI-FI
Common output formats are printed paper, sound, video and on-screen documents. They let the computer communicate with the user.
A output device that lets you project information from the screen
Output Devices - Monitors!
a device that lets you print information from the computer! such as images, presentations and text!!
Output Devices- printers.
a device that projects images and sound from a screen! you can watch DVDs programs and even get BBC player or catch up on this!
TV - Output devices!
a device that lets you find your way around routes you don’t know! you can also change the voice and settings on these! they say all the directions and how many mph on them.
GPS- Output devices!
Braille readers are a kind of keyboard. They let blind people type anything on a keyboard and read it in braille!
Output devices! -Braille Readers!
Speakers are like headphone. they make audio louder with there volume control! they give of clear loud sounds , making life on the computer easier!
Speakers -Output devices!
By Heather Forsyth 7P.2
A scanner is used to scan documents or photos into your computer but only if you have a hard cop
Scanners!-input device!
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