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Princess Anastasia

on 17 March 2013

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Done by:
Othman Sr-Alkhatim Othman Oral and dental health * It is a crucial aspect of maintaining general health.
*According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 80% of people with HIV disease will present with at least one oral manifestation at some time during the course of their infection.
* Proper dental care can reduce the presence of bacteria, which reduces strain on the immune system.
* Furthermore, good dental care and hygiene leads to enhanced breath and whiter teeth, making you feel healthier while interacting with people. Promotion of dental care 1. Show: A picture often speaks a thousand words.
2. Give: When oral pathology is identified and a picture is taken, a handout that corresponds to the patient's condition can be given to the client.
3. Tell: Speak calmly as you would to a good friend.
4. Promote: The role of school.5. Advise: By the parents The Importance of Dental Care Topic 3 Dental Health Promotion Good dental care and Good dental and oral hygiene Healthier Community " promotion of oral hygiene and dental care for a patient with normal oral and dental health ".
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