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Learning for Fun

No description

Sofia Reiner

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Learning for Fun

LEARNING FOR FUN What it is The project Learning for Fun is a service in which high school students provide English lessons to underprivileged children. The Training The volunteers were divided in pairs.
A third grade English teacher (Vanessa Lima) from the school taught us teaching techniques to use with children.
Vanessa prepared us for upcoming classes by providing content and materials. The project was created by teachers Neriangela and Rita (School of the Nations' Community Service Coordinator) to start a long term community service project. How it was created First Impact "Our first impact when arriving was shock, we didn’t know what to expect."
- Juliana Arruda
"The building where we teach was in very poor conditions and barely had any basic equipment.
But we LOVED it!"
- Sofia Reiner Getting to know the kids The Environment Activities We always work with interactive activities.
We try to engage our students as much as possible. -Enthusiastic and eager to learn!
-love lots of attention!

"The children are the heart of the project!"
-Luisa Seidl -Very poor conditions
-Not enough classrooms
-Bedroom, kitchen, garage, living room, back yard and library

"It is a very happy and open environment in which anyone can join in and help!"
-Neiriangela -Learn more about ourselves


-Today, we know we can change lives through teaching. Today we know we can make a difference. How we've matured Teaching Technique Oral Phase Warm up Presentation/Explanation Repetition Correction Technique Extension/Conversation She is a beautiful girl.
(tall, short, intelligent) Drill Practice Oral phase Warm up Presentation, Explanation Repetition Internalization Extension/Conversation Drill Practice MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE... HOW CAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS HELP

IMPROVE FUTURE GENERATIONS? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -Volunteers were divided in pairs
-English teacher Vanessa Lima taught us techniques -Created by Neiriangela and Rita

-Long term service model -Education
-Two way project
-World Citizens
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