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Napoleon Project

LOL ;);););););););););););)

Tyler McCraney

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Project

Propoganda By Naploen
1. This picture is prescriptive becuase it is telling you what people thought should happen. Napoleon is being portrayed as slinder and tan etc. Napoleon was really short, fat, bald and pale.
2. It describes ideolology becuase the picture is a glittering generality. The reason it is ideolology is Napoleon is being made to look better than he really did.
3. It tells about beliefs of the elite people from Napoleon's perspective. This is because Napoleon wanted to be painted as a strong war-hero looking type of person.
4. One historical question that can be answered from this source is the way that Napoleon wanted to look to his people. One benifit to using this type of source is it is easy to use.
5. Some questions this source cant help you answer are: what is really going on, who else is in the picture, what the details really are. The limitations to this type of source is that it actually gives little or no information about what is happening in that time.
6. I have not read any other historians interpretations of this source. My opinion does support Mr. Kawaihae's analysis though. In the eyes of the empire builders men are not men but instruments. ~Napoleon Bonaparte B.
1. this quote is descriptive because it is telling what the empire thought should happen.
2. Yes, this quote describes behavior beacaus eit insinuates that men are not human men, but instead instroments.
3. Yes it does, Its tells you that from the empires POV the workers are not human.
4.Some historical ?'s you could ask would be...Why would men be considered instroments and not slaves?
5.There are a lot of questions that this quote cannot help you answer.
6 France has more need of me than i need of france. 1. This is descriptive because it gives us an idea of what type of attitude napolean has towards his country.
2. This describes napoleans behavior towards his country and himself.
3. This quote tells you about the beleifs and actions of napoleon.
4. From this quote you can ask some questions like... Was napoleon a rebel? Was Napoleon a loyal person to his Country?
5. This quote cannot tell you about how the country of France was.
History is a set of lies agreed upon. 1. This is perscriptive becasue it tells you about how Napoleon feels about his countries history.
2. Yes, it describes the behavior of the whole worlds history.
3. No it does not tell you about the actions or beliefs of the people.
4. You can answer a lot of historical ?'s with this because it is about the whole worlds history.
5. You can not answer any ?'s about Napoloen with this Quote. If you want a thing done well, Do it yourself. 1. This is perscriptive beacause it tells you how napoloen feels about other people.
2. No it does not describe ideology.
3. This tells you that Napoleon beleives that no one can do it as good as i can.
4. You can answer how napoloen came up with this quote.
5. You cannot answer anything about France with this quote.
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