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Does mint actually cool things down?

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Tia Cobbett

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Does mint actually cool things down?

Tis Cobbett
6th grade

Does mint actually cool things down?
Purpose- Many people enjoy the fresh taste of mint. Mint gum and breath fresheners are mainly advertised that mint has a cooling affect. But is this sensation a result of the mint actually lowering temperatures? Are mints really know for there cooling affect or is it just a sensation?
If I put mentos in hot water it will cool down the water. Putting mentos in hot water should cool it down because of the fact that this herb grows in cool and moisturized areas.
Can mints actually cool down hot water?
Independent variable- The different types of mints put into the water such as the mentos, tic-tacs, and ice breakers
dependent variable-
Each trial had 2 cups that had 5 mints in each. I used different types of mints and each of the temperatures were different because of the size differences and the strength level of mint flavor. I used mentos, tic-tacs, and ice breakers. Those three are all mint flavored but the one that caused the temperature to drop the most was the tic-tacs. The starting temperature was 109.8 F then ended up becoming 97.4 F after putting the tic-tacs in. It turns out that the smallest mints have the largest impact on hot water. I have concluded that my hypothesis is correct,
Pack of regular mints (altoids, tic-tacs, etc.)
2 glasses of hot water
pen and paper for notes
Get a glass of hot water and take the temperature with a thermometer. Record this.
Place 5 mints in the glass of hot water and take the temperature again. Was there a change?
Place more mints in the glass of hot water 5 at a time and record whether you see any changes at all.
You should monitor it for 30 minutes.
The other glass of hot water is to be used as a reference. This is because we know that water cools over time and we want to make sure that if there is any change in temperature, it is not independent of time, but of the mints speeding up the cooling process.
Record your results. Any changes?
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