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Through Crowdsourcing

No description

Brian Shuryan

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Through Crowdsourcing

Many kids in our school buy the lunches they offer. A majority of these children, are not happy with all the meals they provide. We plan to create a place where people who buy the lunches can vote for what
want. Those kids know what kind of lunches are good and bad, so they should have a voice in what meals are served.
This plan would target our school.
Our Audience
We allow students to write on our wall, and we would take some of the best suggestions. Next we would form a poll using those suggestions and allow RHS students to vote on their favorite suggestions.
About the Page
We would plan to reach them by putting posters advertising our page all over the school. We would also advertise on our school's morning announcements.
How it Will Benefit our School
To enforce our plan, we would use a Facebook page. This would be useful to find out student's opinions with polls offered through Facebook.

What We Hope to Gain
Voting on School Lunches
Through Crowdsoucing
How would we reach our target audience (students)?
Facebook Page
We hope to help kids enjoy their lunches more. Not everyone buys lunches, but a good majority of students do, and we want them to be rewarded for supporting our school. We would like to give them an overall better lunch experience.
Our school will benefit by this through the students. They choose what their lunches can be and, if they don't like what is chosen, they have the option of bringing a lunch or selecting another item for lunch that day.
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