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Procedural Safeguards

No description

John Hopkins

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Procedural Safeguards

Procedural Safeguards
What are they?
Procedural safeguards are put into place to make sure the parents and school workers know how the process should be handled. The safeguards help show what happens when things break down. There are certain ways that disputes need to be handled. These help protect everyone and make sure the child's interests are the number one topic.
Being Proactive
The best way to be proactive in these regards are to keep detailed records and a log of everything that needs to be done. Keeping a calendar that shows when meetings, classes, and other events is crucial. When there is a solid paper trail on things it will be much easier if a mediation or court case is called for. Also, making sure parents are involved it very important. When it is more transparent then things will be much smoother.
Common pitfalls with this are testing without consent, not having the required paperwork, not contacting parents, not keeping records, and many more. Most of these can be avoided by staying on top of things and being open and honest with parents.

How it applies to my class
These safeguards can help my classroom. I teach some special education classes and I like having my classes open to the parents. I had a parent who was concerned with what their son was doing. Eventually I allowed them to come in to the class and watch their child so they could see what we were doing.
How it applies to the district
The school district has a lot of responsibility with these safeguards. They must keep track and log everything so when and if parents want to see it they can. They need to see all the information and parents need to sign off on things too. Districts cannot do things without consent so they need to be on top of all things. Districts must also be ready to do mediation, court cases, and other things.
My Take
Dealing with procedural safeguards can seem like a very daunting and tough task. There are so many things that need to happen even before a child can be tested and then having to make sure that the consent is there too. It can be very easy to slip up once but by being proactive and honest these pitfalls will happen on a inconsistent basis.
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