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Chapter 4:

No description

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 4:

Chapter 4:

Understand the nature of 12 principles in language learning and teaching.

" Am I a learner- centered, interactive, or task-based teacher, or what?"

Teaching by Principles
Efficient second language learning is a timely movement of the control of a few language forms into the automatic, fluent processing.....
12 principles include:
6 Cognitive Principles
3 Socioaffective principles:
3 Linguistic Principles:
3- The anticipation of reward:
Human being are universally driven to act or behave by the anticipation of reward tangible or intangible......
2- Meaningful Learning:
The process of making meaningful associations between existing knowledge and new material toward long-term retention....
4- Intrinsic Motivation:
The most powerful rewards are those that are intrinsically motivated within learner....
5- Strategic Investment:
The successful of the second language due to personal investment of time, effort and attention.......
6- Autonomy:
Successful mastery of a foreign language will depend to great extent on learner's autonomouse ability.....
7- Language ego:
develop a new mode of thinking, feeling and acting-a second identity.
8- Willingness to Communicate (WTC):
learners believe in themselves and their capacity to accomplish communicative tasks..
9- The Language-Culture Connection:
Teach a language, and a complex system of cultural customs, values, and way of thinking....
10- The Native language Effect:
The native language of learners exerts a strong influence on the acquisition of the target lang. system.
11- interlanguage:
Second language earners tend to go through a systematic or quasi-systematic developmental to full competence in the target language..
12- Communicative Competence (CC):
CC is the goal of language classroom....
Q 2:
Which principles do you think as a teacher is most beneficial for second language learners?

Q 1:
Do you believe in preparing students to be independent learners of language as Communicative competence?
Thank you

Brown, H. D. (2007). Teaching by principle: an interactive approach to language pedagogy. San
Francisco State University: Pearson Education.

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