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Teacher Portfolio

No description

Nicole Balderas

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Teacher Portfolio

Nicole Balderas
2013 Teacher Portfolio

Nicole Balderas
11700 Wall Street Apt 15204
San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 378-4884

Work Experience

•Suzanne Rostomian CPA- 02/2012 to Present

Medical Billing Data Entry- General knowledge of billing process and clerical procedures. Customer Serivce skills when answering patient phone calls. Software knowledge in MOMS, Meditech, and E Clinical Works. Payment posting abilities in multiple softwares. Ability to enter demo, charges, and file claims to all insurance companies. Ability to understand (EOB) Explanation of Benefits, research denied claims working with insurances and patients to process claims correctly. Run several reports to ensure patient accounts are clean and current.

•Newforest Estates – 08/2010 to 02/202

Server- Sharp memory useful in remembering orders and requests. High energy for long hours. Great organizational and cleaning skills for keeping our workstation in high standards. Patient in taking orders in a timely manner.
Awarded Employee of the Month in October 2011

•Rome’s Pizza – 07/2009 to 09/2010

Cashier- Ability to handle multiple cash drawers efficiently and accurately. Capable to answer multiple phone lines during hectic times. Stock goods and maintain a clean atmosphere. Answered questions and concerns about the products, resolved any customer complaints and maintained a great knowledge of products.

Emerald Rainbow – 09/2008 to 06/ 2009

Lifeguard- Ensure the safety of others while maintaining a clean and friendly atmosphere for the customers. Inspect and maintain a safe ride daily for customers of all ages.


•Northwest Vista Community College - San Antonio, Texas
2010-Present 3.7 GPA
•Smithson Valley High School
2005-2009 Graduated with Diploma


Anthony Owens (210) 878-7156
Suzanne Rostomian (210) 558-6288
Belinda Soto (210) 409-6511

Philosophy of Teaching
Classroom Layout
Classroom Management Rules
Field Service Log
Field Service Evaluation
Field Service Reflection
Table of Contents
Classroom Layout
Classroom Management
Be prepared and ready to learn
Say please and thank you
Dream Big
Keep your hands to yourself
Be Respectful
Try your BEST
Use manners
Take risks and make mistakes
Raise your hand
Follow Directions
Work Hard

Field Service
Field Service Reflection
Philosophy of Teaching
June 10th, 2013 was the first day I would participate in the field service hours. I was nervous due to the fact that I had never attended summer school so I was not sure what to expect. I arrived an hour early filled with anticipation. I do not like to arrive late and enforce the philosophy "If you're not five minutes early, you're late." in my own life. Although it was the first day of my field placement it was not the first day of summer school. The teachers and Vice Principal in charge, Mrs. Mantle gathered in a room to meet about the expectations of summer school. Mrs. Mantle distributed the students to teachers by grade level. There were not many Kinder through Fourth graders, but plenty of Fifth graders due to standardized testing. As I sat there through the meeting I gathered that the classroom I will be placed in will be composed of emotionally troubled children with mental disabilities and behavioral issues. Mrs. Mantle stated "We will not be dealing with behavior problems, I will call their parents and tell them to pick them up. We do not have time for them to be misbehaving." I appreciated that Mrs. Mantle was not going to deal with behavior issues in summer school where these children need the extra help.

The next day was the first day of summer school with the students. The third grade classroom I was assigned to consisted of ten students from different schools in the district. Many of the students were eager to learn and found the classroom and Ms. Tice exciting. Since it was summer, the students did not have homework assigned to them. Ms. Tice, a recent graduate from Texas State, awarded her students with DoJo points. For good behavior, arriving on time, bringing a healthy snack, and for participation each student would receive a DoJo point. Each student was assigned a monster on the first day of class and when they reached a certain amount of points they were able to create their own monster, receive 10 minutes of computer time, or a packet filled with activities.

I was scheduled to attend Carlos Coon Elementary at 8:00 A.M. until 10:00 A.M. for two weeks. Every morning the students would play math games like War with multiplication cards or match the operations up with a number. The students enjoyed the first thirty minutes of class. Creating competition between them gave each of them more motivation to succeed. After thirty minutes of math games Ms. Tice would create a math lesson that they had trouble with throughout the school year. I would observe the students closely and soon realized that the students were struggling with a lot of the lessons. Very few of them really understood a lesson. I was really upset to see third grade retained students having difficulties with lessons a first grade class could learn. Seeing the students struggle was motivation to me.

After completing the sixteen field service hours I feel very confident that I have found my calling, my passion. While I was a little put off about being assigned to a third grade class, I soon fell in love. I am not sure that it matters what age group I am assigned to teach, just as long as I am teaching. Ms. Tice was a wonderful mentor throughout the process and I thoroughly enjoyed being assigned to her classroom. I hope to become a great and lively teacher like she is.
Field Service Log
My objectives as a teacher is to enlighten the lives of children with

knowledgeable information that can not only be learned from a book,

but from experience. Each child is learns differently and has different

needs. It is my goal to help each child meet the needs required to

become a successful human being. Not only do I want for my students

to gain fundamental knowledge from the content I teach throughout

the school year, but life-long cognitive and social skills needed for

their future. I feel that it is important for students to learn how to set

goals, manage time, be financially responsible, and learn how to

become successful. My ambition is to provide the future the

knowledge and skills needed throughout life that have become

obsolete by technology as well as the knowledge needed to succeed in

the years to come.

Methods that I will use to achieve or work towards my objectives

consist of creating curriculum designs that focus on the mandatory

material, but to also incorporate the skills needed for the future of the

students. Engaging collaborative atmospheres into the classroom are a

beneficial tool to apply in the classroom. I find collaborative

atmospheres to be very important in a students classroom experience

for reasons that can also appear in their future. I will implement active

learning into my classroom to promote analysis and synthesis. Deeper

thinking about course content is a benefit from active learning that

will strengthen the skills needed for students. With all of the skills

needed to succeed I will provide children with the tools needed to

achieve goals and become successful in life along with believing and

loving themselves.
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