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Clash Of Clans (english)

A Clash Of Clans prezi in english

Flubberfish42 Grover

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Clash Of Clans (english)

Thank you!
Thank you for watching
If I have missed stuff please tell me in the comments


Some clans worth mentioning
Diesel Knights
Weekend Warrior

Leave your clan name in the comments, I might post it here.
Clash Of Clans
The Fun City Builder game
and kneel before Fenrir207
clash is a cartoony city builder/sacker game
where Perfect_Enraged_Knight_Killer of Assasins (P.E.K.K.A.) crushes almost everything, Goblins loot and pillage while lava hounds and dragons rule the sky.
barbarians run around chopping things into tiny pieces while your town hall upgrades to level 10. when your lab upgrades your
barbarians, they can chop things into even smaller pieces even faster than before!
Strive to build the best city or to win the clan war! Beat all your friends to Champion league! Ward off attackers and get revenge on them by looting and burning their city!
Build or join the best clans and participate in clan wars for a massive loot bonus!!!!!!!!!
I Love
The barbarian is the most basic troop.
it is a melee fighter and you unlock it first in the barracks. it is good to use in quantity as they take up only one troop space. When you deploy them it is good to use a few barbarians and then your wall breakers so the wall breakers are not targeted.
The Archer is a ranged combatant that fires arrows.
They are pretty weak so it is best deployed after stronger
troops like giants or golems.
The giant is a strong troop that likes to
crush defenses. They are best used to draw
fire away from weaker units like wall breakers
or wizards.

The goblin. It likes loot and
isn't good for much else.
The wall breaker.
exactly like it sounds.
Is very helpful as it does like 40x
damage to walls but is weak. It needs
troops to draw fire away from it like
giants or barbarians.
He's a giant barbarian who can summon
more barbarians. He's got a great 'stache.
What more can i say?
She is a giant archer with an epic crossbow. SHE CAN TURN INVISIBLE!

The balloon is the first air troop.
It is a special defenses targeting
troop. For low level bases all you need
to do is take out all the air defenses
and archer towers, then set some
ballooners and they will blow up everything.
They are the slowest troop in clash.
The wizard is a very powerful troop,
with very high dps ( damage per second )
but has low health.
The healer cannot deal
damage but restores
health to friendly troops.
It doesn't take damage
from air defenses
The dragon. It is the
best elixir air unit.
It deals splash damage
and has a ton of health.
Perfect_Enraged_Knight_Killer of Assassins.
Its armor is so heavy it will set off spring traps but wont go flying. A level 5 Pekka will kill a level 40 barbarian king
The minion is the first dark elixir
troop you unlock. It is a flying unit.
It spits dark elixir
and is relatively weak.
The hog rider can jump walls.
They take 1.5 percent more damage from giant bombs.
The Valkyrie targets multiple
buildings at a time. It goes to
the optimal position to damage
more than 1 building
The golem is extremely tough, but dishes out almost no damage. A level one golem does five times the damage of a level one barbarian. When the golem dies it spawns in 2 golemites which do 1/5 of the damage and have 1/5 of the hitpoints.
The witch summons skeletons to fight for her, but also casts rays that do damage. The witch is very weak so it is best to keep them out of the line of fire so they can keep sending skeletons into the fray.
"Don't touch that Larry!"
The lava hound is a flying
unit that likes to target air
defenses. when it dies it
explodes into lava pups
that keep fighting for it.
The goblin king might have been confirmed so he may be a hero (hypothetical)
The cannon is the first defense that you get in the game,
but you cannot target air troops with a cannon.
The archer tower is the first defense that can target air troops.
The clan castle stores
troops that your clanmates
donate to you. In an attack
troops come out to
fight. you can access
the troops and attack with them.
The mortar is a powerful splash defense that deals low damage and is slow. It is good against groups of low level troops like barbarians.
The air defense. It shoots firework like missiles and damages air troops. it cannot damage healers as they were too good and brought them down with ease.
The air sweeper is a air defense that sweeps away enemies but does not damage them. The sweeper can only be oriented in one direction.
The xbow is a powerful machine gun like crossbow that needs to be reloded with elixir after each defense.
The Inferno tower is very OP and can MASSACARE anything that goes near. It can be set to single target mode or multi target mode.
Nothing says go away like a time fuse hidden bomb.
The spring trap can make groups of enemies go flying off the map. they are very helpful for flinging tightly grouped giants away.
The air bomb is optimal for killing minions. It is triggered by air troops and explodes, killing a fair number of troops.
The giant bomb is designed for hog riders but works fine against barbarians and other troops. It is basically a better bomb that does more damage.
The seeking air mine is a better air bomb but is ineffective against minions.
The wizard tower has very short range but is a splash defense that deals lots of damage.
The hidden Tesla
is a very
powerful trap
that pops out
of the ground,
things. It is
designed to kill
pekkas because
it does 2x
damage to them.
The gold mine is a source of gold. It gives gold on an hourly basis.
The gold storage stores the gold you raid or collect.
The Tesla is actually a defense
but i included it as a trap.
The elixir collector collects elixir on an hourly basis.
The elixir storage stores elixir that you raid or collect.
The dark elixir drill, It drills dark elixir which is very hard to get.
The dark elixir storage stores dark elixir.
Dark elixir is unlocked at th7
This is a funny cc video
Other buildings
The army camp keeps your army ready for battle and stores the troops for an attack.
The barrack trains the troops for your army camps. The higher the level the more troops, and better troops you can train
The spell factory makes spells to aid you in battle.
The laboratory upgrades troops for elixir.
The dark barracks uses dark elixir to train troops

The town hall is the heart of your village. destroying it automatically gives you one star. The higher the town hall level the more buildings and upgrades you unlock
The builders hut is just a house for builders so
it is best used to put in the way of troops like barbarians.
This is a dark spell factory. It makes more powerful potions that play a more strategic role in battle.
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