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No description

Douglas Leon

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Braveheart

Released in 1995
Directed by Mel Gibson
Written by Randall Wallace
Principal characters

William Wallace Mel Gibson
Robert Bruce Angus McFadyen
Princess Isabelle Sophie Marceau
King Edward Patrick McGoohan
Murron MacClannough Catherine McCormack History Facts The English Occupation
The film states that the English had been in Scotland.
Also, the claims of the English law of raping a man’s wife on her wedding night
Many Scots in the movie are shown wearing kilts.

The bagpipes in the movie's soundtrack are actually not even Scottish bagpipes. They are the uillean bagpipes of Ireland. Since he was a child he wanted to fight, eventhough his dad died without teaching him, he developed those skills and self confidence to do it

He had the ability to control himself, knew the direction of his life, and committed himself to accomplish his goal: freedom

It involves developing a positive self-image that gives you courage to make choices; William Wallace was brave enough to die for his goals without begging.

We all practice personal leadership to a certain degree but only a few select people developed it to their fullest potential. 

Nothing holds us back except what we consider a limitation we have placed in our own mind. Personal Leadership William Wallace Leadership in group Excellent communication can be the key to successful group work. Leadership Is a Process, Not a Position

King Edward used his position and power to get what he wanted

He was very authoritarian, he didn’t like to follow advice and he demanded others to do what he told that has to be done.

He wanted to accomplish his goals without caring about other people life or rights Bad Leadership King Edward PLOT The childhood
The love
The Killing
The Madness
The Leader
THE FREEDOM!!! His family is killed.
Was a man who fought for his land with body and mind.
He fell in love with Murron.
He originally didn’t want to fight against the Englishmen.
William fell in love with Isabella the French princess William Wallace She is the reason why William started to fight against the Englishmen.
She lived in the same village that William
She fell in love after William´s journey. Murron Robert lived like a king.
He learned from William to do what is right.
He led the Scots to victory when William Wallace was dead.
“You have bled with Wallace, now bleed with me”. Sir Robert Bruce King of England.
He was the one who were fighting against William.
He did everything to stop Wallace. Edward the king The princess was sent from France to marry the prince from England.
She fell in love with William.
Isabella decided to help him. The French princess Trait approach REFERENT POWER
Wallace had the capacity to influenced on his town. He had the ability to affect others beliefs, attitudes and courses of action. COERCIVE POWER
The king involves forces to produce change and he manipulate the penalties and rewards with his servants. Curious Facts Error #1: William Wallace’s origins
The movie gives off the image of William being born to poverty and living the simple life of a farmer before being taken under the care of his uncle Argyle, when his father dies fighting the English.
In actuality, most historians believe Wallace was born to the Scottish aristocracy and was already a knight by the time of the Battle of Stirling (and wasn’t knighted afterwards like the movie suggests). As an added side-note: Wallace’s wife was called Marian, not Murron. Gibson changed the name because he wanted to avoid the audience confusing her with Maid Marian from Robin Hood.

Error #2: Wardrobe incongruities
There are two major wardrobe related errors in the film. Probably the most discussed and well-known is the portrayal of Scots wearing kilts in the 13th century. In actuality, kilts did not become a popular form of men’s wear until well into the 17th century, which means that the film’s portrayal can be considered grossly inaccurateAnother inaccuracy is the fact that the English soldiers are shown wearing uniforms while such was not in fact the custom in Wallace’s age.

Error #3: The Scots didn’t paint their faces for battle
At least they no longer did by the time of Wallace. What Gibson was obviously alluding to is the Scottish Picts’ tradition of painting their faces blue to scare off those pansies, the Romans, from their lands. Of course, Emperor Adrian would have nothing of it and built a wall to keep those evil buggers from sacking the rest of Britain while the sandal-folk still ruled the scene.
The blue face-paint is so iconic, though, you couldn’t imagine BraveHeart without it. These days of course the tradition is to paint the flag of Scotland (a white X across with blue sides) for sporting events. TRIVIA WHO IS THE DIRECTOR OF THE MOVIE ?




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