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John Shaw

No description

brandon kay

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of John Shaw

John Shaw
Although he has picked up his first camera before high school, he started photography professionally in 1971. But this picture shows the professionalism of a person who takes pictures not with his camera using his eyes, but with his heart as well. His photos are clear, concise and highly informative. He believes you should spend as much time possible learning about photography as you spend capturing and processing images.
John Shaw
Hes a photographer, a photography writer, a traveler, an expert in nature photographer, a landscaper and many more titles can't describe him enough.
John Shaw showed his interest in photography while growing up in a small village surrounded by farm land at the age of 12. He was fascinated by birds and started bird watching. John Shaw, a professional nature photographer since 1971,(At the age of 40) has many publications in the most popular nature magazines such as National Geographic, National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer and many others. He has six books published on nature photography, two eBooks of photograph and six eBooks on Photoshop and Lightroom. A new publication will be launched in 2015 under the name John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography. In 1997, he received the first ever Outstanding Photographer Award by the North American Nature Photographer Association (NANPA), a Legend Behind the Lens Award from Nikon in 2002, and an Icon of imaging from Microsoft in 2006. He has traveled on every continent from the Arctic to the Antarctic and photograph nature and landscapes.
Major Influences
John Shaw was influenced by many nature photographers whom he used to admire especially in his early years. He tried desperately to copy their style and quality but as he grew older, seeing other photographers' work ,he started following his own inclinations and photograph in a more artistic manner. On the other hand, his work and books especially are considered a major influence and a guideline to photography as he is an expert and a professional.
Style of Photography
Specific Work
John Shaw likes to take picture at the very last light of the day, with the sun on the horizon. If earlier, the sun would be far too contrasty and too harsh, if later , there wouldn't have been any light, so here it's directional, but soft and warm- he called it sweet light.
Showcase of my Photos
Works Cited
John Shaw's work, whether as photographs or as books, is considered as a guide and very useful information to be taught in photography classes so the students can achieve impressive results every time the camera is focused on the great outdoors. He believes in doing everything to increase your knowledge of photography.
He photographs birds, mammals, flowers, insects and landscapes-anything that has to do with nature. He also photographs pattern and colors and he goes to remote places in the world and goes up mountain, rough terrain and forests . He uses a wide variety of subjects and his images are creative but each is unique. The animals he pictured are unusually which you never get to see. He uses digital photography 100% of the time and has multiple hard drive to back up all of his pictures. He keeps his original photos as a RAW file then convert them to PNG or JPEG. When he is taking a picture he has to get a perfect lighting on the object and he uses the shutter speed in setting to get the perfect pictures. He uses Nikon equipment including a Nikon D3 with lenses from 17-35mm wide zoom to 500mm.
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