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Comparison of Adjectives - revision and test prep

For students that have already mastered this unit and need a round up before a test which involves writing and doing gapfill exercises

Borko Drljaca

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Comparison of Adjectives - revision and test prep

Comparison of Adjectives
Let's practice!
1. A cheetah is _________ than a horse. (fast)

2. Susan’s hair is _________ than Betty’s. (short)

3. The Mt Blanc is _________ than the Großglockner, the Mt Everest is the _________ mountain. (high)

4. June is _________than May, but July is the . _________(hot)

5. Table tennis is _________ than tennis, but badminton is the _________ . (easy)

....more practicing :)
6. French is _____________than English, but Chinese is the _________ language. (difficult)

7. "Airforce One" is the _________ film I have ever seen. (interesting)

8. No, I don’t think so. "Contact" is _________ than "Airforce One". (interesting)

9. Hot dogs are _________ than hamburgers. (good)

10. This is the _________ chocolate cake I have ever eaten. (good)

11. Skiing is as _________ as riding a bike. (easy)

12. Carol sings as _________ as Mary, but Cindy sings the _________ . (beautiful)

13. Tennis is _________ than skiing, but football is the _________sport. (popular)

Let's compare these two!
What about these? Write the comparisons in your notebook!
Let's compare these guys too! (use the comparatives and superlatives you know)
Let's summarize
How do we decide which rules to use?

How do we know which adjective is short and which is long?

How do we compare these?
Oops! What's just happened there?

Which are these?

How do we form comparatives and superlatives?

How many of them are there?
Let's remember the rules!
So, for the written exam...
COLD- _________________________________________
LUCKY - ________________________________________
NICE - __________________________________________
FLAT - __________________________________________

INTERESTING - ________________________________
UNBELIEVABLE - ______________________________
BORING - _______________________________________
some exercises about adjectives
a comparison based on a picture
that's it! :)
a little bit of text about something you know how to compare

It's pretty easy, but it can be even
easier if we come to additional classes
tonight and if we practice at home!
So, before we finish...

Which adjectives can we use for describing people?

Which adjectives do we use for describing animals?
friendly, tall, long, short, interesting, smart, wild, dangerous, boring, hard-working, big, small, poisonous, gentle, aggressive, cute, sweet, beautiful, amazing, friendly...
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