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Music Video Production - Introduction

Introductory Lecture for Unit 1: Pre-production + Unit 29: Music Video Production

Scott Hayden

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of Music Video Production - Introduction

Some examples of innovative, creative, and original Music Video
You have been given an opportunity to produce a music video for a track from Nic Dawson Kelly, BLOOM, Chimes, Dredd Supreme, OR an artist/ band of your choosing...

To prove to your band/ artist, and their record company that you are suitable for the job you must first prove that you understand the codes and conventions of music video.

You need to analyse their purpose, styles and conventions in a TV piece before going on to develop, plan and produce a music video for a track of your choice.

Using your Google account you will liaise with your production company and evidence all of your ideas, vlogs, podcasts, documents and videos for this project with the support of your Lecturer.

After you have rehearsed and performed a Pitch as a group to your band/ artist and your Lecturer, you will spend a month producing your idea in time for the deadline.
Workshops will be available for you to build your post-production techniques of editing and effects application, with the potential for advanced techniques such as mixing digital or stop-frame animation with live footage, chroma key and matte effects.
It is up to you to develop the creative knowledge needed to entertain and engage your target audience and fulfill the promotional purpose of the product.
Unit 1: Pre-production +
Unit 29: Music Video Production

Even if you have created a music video in the past - this is a chance to create a professional piece of work for a real client/ artist

Get in to a group of 2/3 and name your production company

Open a Doc and explain what the Purpose of music video is in terms of ...

• Marketing and Advertising (selling the brand)

Define the term Synergy using a music video example...

TIP - Discuss Web, Social Media, TV, Film, and Merchandise

Create a note in your Doc explaining the difference between these Producers’ strategies when making a music video for an artist:

Major label (why do they make music videos for their artists?)

Independent (why do they make music videos for their artists?)

Self-produced Artist (why do they make music videos for themselves?)

Here are some more inspiring examples of how music can be used to tell a story
What is the purpose of music video?
What is a Major record label?
What is an Independent record label?
What/ who is a Self-produced artist?
Consider the type of record companies that produce music videos:

Is it from a small, Independent self-produced label, who can do what it wants/ afford to rattle the cage?

Is it from a Major, large, label who is primarily seeking profit, and wants to maintain the power/ authority?

Once you know where a text comes from it can affect your reading of it
SYNERGY is the ‘strategy of synchronising and actively forging connections between directly related areas of entertainment’.

• New Technologies support this process – Web, DVD, Blu-ray, Smart phones, Streaming, Downloading…..

• For example, consider how many media platforms Lady Gaga uses to sell herself (youtube, downloads, twitter, fashion etc.)

• By using different Media institutions she exploits these various platforms to reach her fans
I expect you to be creative and imaginative in this project

No cliches allowed
You can use animation as much as you want
Your production team can decide to create something completely original
You need to start thinking about actors, props, locations etc.
Another term for these over-used methods is...


A Convention is a set of agreed, stipulated or generally accepted norms, standards or criteria, often taking the form of a custom.

For example….. ‘mainstream Hip-hop genre has created it’s own set of conventions e.g. expensive cars, champagne, jewellery, scantily-clad ladies etc.’
You could create another parody or satire of music video conventions...

Individually I now want you to use Flip-chart paper, bubbl.us online, or any other appropriate form of mind-mapping tool.

Expand on rough/ initial ideas eg what colours, locations, actors, equipment will you use?
Bo Burnham started as Self-produced but due to his videos success on YouTube he has been signed to an Independent label..
He has turned down Major record labels in order to keep creative control of his work

Find a band/artist for whom you want to produce a Music Video
I am filming their first music video tomorrow at 3pm - I hope to have it online in 2 weeks
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