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No description

L van Loon

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of ABOUT YES

Formulate 1 Tweet

Think about:
Which good practice is most applicable? What would be a way to make the good practice work? What can your SAI do? A personal thought? A funny obervation?
All innovation starts with just one idea..

...and support from the top

...and enthousiasm

...and guts!

we did it!
..and we are far from finished!
Today, let's discuss the most important lessons from yes and try to look ahead

.. and make it practical!
Three clusters
1. Effective communication

2. New approaches to auditing

3. Knowledge management

Time out!
3 minutes...
Alar Karis (Estonia) and Louise van Loon (the Netherlands)
The Hague, IXth EUROSAI congress, 18 June 2014
And your votes please...
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