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The Oral Aspects of Business Communication

No description

claire alosado

on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of The Oral Aspects of Business Communication

The Oral Aspects of Business Communication
Important Parliamentary Rules
Obtaining The floor
Making a motion
Putting a motion
Discussing a motion
Point of Order
Business Etiquette
Business Meetings
Businessmen interact with one another in business meetings.Its during a business meeting where reports are given and problems are laid down and solved
The various matters to be discussed and decided upon during a meeting are called "Agenda".
The recommended order of a business meetings is as follows :
1.A call to order
2.Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting by the secretary and to be approved by the body
4.Group discussion
Discussing immediate problems
Identifying specific problems
Eliciting suggestions or commitments to solve the problems
Coordinating and consulting on business profits and losses
5.Introduction of new business plans
How to prepare the minutes of the meeting
1.Name the group.
2.State the time,place and date of the meeting.
3List the subjects discussed in such a way that the reader can find a single item without reading the whole report
4.Summarize the various discussions.
5.Record decisions made and if responsibility is fixed for any procedure , be sure to name names and due dates
6.If the group is small , list the names of those in attendace.
7.Identify the Chairman
8.Identify yourself as the person preparing the minutes
9.Check your roughdraft carefully.
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