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The Running Dream

Prezi from English book project

Bridget Harlow

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Running Dream

By Bridget Harlow The Running Dream ;Resolution
Jessica's track team makes enough money for her running leg and she starts training to learn how to run again ;Raising Action
Jessica and her family struggles with medical bills and, Jessica struggles with her
depression. She's filled with homework
that she doesn't understand, and she doesn't want to go back to school. She wants to run again, but how can she when she's missing a leg? ;Climax
Jessica makes a new friend named Rosa
that has cerebral palsy and helps Jessica
with her Math, meanwhile Jessica's track
team makes fun raiser to help her get
money for a prosthetic leg to help her run
again, but the one she needs is $2,000 in
order to get it. ;Falling Action
Jessica's parents get her a walking leg but she
struggles to get around still, but her track team hasn't given up on raising money for her running leg. The Running Dream By Wendelin Van Draanen ;Exposition
After a track meet Jessica's bus gets into an accident and Jessica looses her leg and her track member died.
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