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self Awareness & self Esteem

No description

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of self Awareness & self Esteem

Self Confidence
Self Awareness
Is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths,weaknesses,thoughts,beliefs, motivation and emotions .
Allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment.
Is the first step in creating what you want and Where you focus your attention, your emotions, reactions, personality and behavior determine where you go in life.
Why Develop Self-Awareness !
Self Awareness: is the process of understanding your own character,feelings,motives and desires
1-To be able to make changes in the thoughts and interpretations you make in your mind.
2-Allows you to see where your thoughts and emotions are taking you.
3-Allows you to see the controls of your emotions, behavior, and personality so you can make changes you want.
The gate to know yourself
Happiness created through self Awareness
Self Awareness is the path to self mastery, self mastery is the path to happiness
self sabotage
what makes you unique??!
what are your 3 main strengths and your main 3 weaknesses??
how would you describe your personality?!
how do we sabotage our selves !
Self sabotage in the pursuit of perfection :

How to Stop Self Sabotage !
perfection is the enemy of progress.
Don't try doing any thing because it will be a failure! (
fear of failure)
The downside to trying To Get things perfect
-The path to getting better is to practice a lot :

Be concerned with learning :Try, fail, struggle, make mistakes, and try again. That’s how we really learn.
Forget justifying why you did (or didn't do) this or that,just watch yourself.
"don't listen to what people say, but watch what they do"
imagine that you're someone else whose behaviour you're watching !
Remember that success isn't black or white
"Strongly imagine what true success will be like, because it may be different from what you'd been unconsciously assuming"
Think beyond yourself
"Most of us don't like to consider ourselves as selfish"
People so often deny they are behaving selfishly because they don't intend to be selfish. But behaviour is behaviour
Explore life
All of life is an exploration
"Being open to life means seeing where certain experiences will take you and accepting openly the good as well as the bad"
Self Acceptance
Is acceptance of self in spite of weaknesses

Self Acceptance is !
 Does it mean accepting your weaknesses or negative habits and doing nothing about them ?!
 Does it mean accepting your behavior, attitude and life style, and doing nothing to change and improve ?!
It is not an excuse for saying, "This is what I am. I accept myself as I am. I accept my character, my failings and my fate, and this how it is. I can do nothing about it.
Self-acceptance does not mean that you accept what you are and do nothing to change and improve. It does not mean accepting your fact and life as it is.
Accepting yourself as you are is only the first step. It helps you realize your good, and not so good qualities.
Becoming aware and acknowledging your behavior, habits and your personality, and not being afraid to look at yourself as you are, is an important step to self-acceptance.
When you accept yourself as you are, you put yourself in a better position to begin improving yourself.
How to find self Acceptance
The meaning of self acceptance is to accept our shortcomings as well as our achievements. We all have faults and successful moments in our lives.
Be Forgiving
: Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take the opportunities of mistakes as fuel and knowledge towards the successful outcome. Great! Now you’re closer to your goal!
: Self acceptance shouldn’t be an excuse to avoid growing. On the contrary, you accept the bumps in the road as well as certain aspects of your personality as you’re developing towards a better you.
Be Flexible
: The more strict you are, the less you’ll be open to developing and growing as a person. The flexibility allows it to flow effortlessly through the wind as it stays intact.
Keep Your Power
: Our images of ourselves are created based on what others have told us about ourselves or comparisons we make against others.Instead, compare yourself to yourself. Are you a stronger, wiser, healthier, more loving person today than you were a year ago? Don’t compete with anybody else. Their journey in life is much different than yours. Focus on growing and developing yourself.
Improvement requires that you understand and acknowledge your character and habits, stop comparing yourself and your achievements to others, and acknowledging your skills or the lack of them. This will bring some sort of inner peace, lightness and happiness, like getting rid of a burden.
Remember, acknowledging your good and bad habits and traits of character can alleviate feelings of dissatisfaction, anger, resentment or unhappiness, but it is not an excuse for staying as you are, it is only the first step on the road to improvement and empowerment.
Self-Improvement Is Great, but Self-Acceptance Is Better
It's easy to get caught up in trying to be perfect, healthier, thinner, smarter, and more successful. Self improvement is a good thing, but a lot of us forget how much we need self-acceptance
We've heard before that there is a strong link between self-acceptance and happiness. There's nothing unhealthy about growth, but there is something unhealthy about not taking the time to accept yourself as you are.
Self Esteem
This is our perception of ourselves.
People who have high levels of self-esteem are comfortable in their own life and are happy with what they see in the mirror.
what is self esteem ?!
You may think of it as your inner voice that tells you whether you are good enough to do or achieve something.
Self-esteem is about how we value ourselves, our perceptions and beliefs in who we are and what we are capable of.
Our self-esteem can be negatively affected by other people's negative perception of who we are.
Self-esteem varies from situation to situation.
I'm not Good
 We all have a mental picture of who we are, how we look, what we're good at, and what our weaknesses might be.
 Self-esteem is all about how much we feel valued, loved, accepted, and thought well of by others — and how much we value, love, and accept ourselves
self-Esteem Problems
self-esteem can be damaged when someone whose acceptance is important (like a parent or teacher) constantly puts you down.
listening to a negative inner voice can harm a person's self-esteem.
Unrealistic expectations.
Why Is Self-Esteem Important?
people with good self-esteem have better relationships.
They're more likely to ask for help and support from friends and family when they need it.
People who believe they can achieve goals and solve problems are more likely to do well in school.
Having good self-esteem allows you to accept yourself and live life to the fullest
Improving Self-Esteem
Try to stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself
start thinking about positive aspects of yourself by saying something positive about yourself.

Each day, write down three things about yourself that make you happy.
Set Realistic Expectations

Nothing can kill our self-esteem more than setting unrealistic expectations. Sometimes our expectations are so much smaller, but still unrealistic !
View mistakes as learning opportunities.
Accept that you will make mistakes because everyone does. Mistakes are part of learning.
Try new things
. Experiment with different activities that will help you get in touch with your talents. Then take pride in new skills you develop.
Recognize what you can change and what you can't
If you realize that you're unhappy with something about yourself that you can change, then start today. If it's something you can't change , then start to work toward loving yourself the way you are.
Take the step
Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
Nothing can hurt our self-esteem more than unfair comparisons
Explore Yourself
.“Know yourself" It isn’t just about knowing your strengths and weaknesses, but also opening yourself up to new opportunities, new thoughts, trying out something new, new viewpoints, and new friendships
Set goals
Think about what you'd like to achieve , then make a plan for how to do it.
Take pride in your opinions and ideas
Don't be afraid to talk about them.
You'll relieve stress, and be healthier , happier and get rid of negative energy.
Have Fun
Enjoy spending time with the people you care about and doing the things you love. Relax and have a good time — and avoid putting your life on hold.

 It takes some work to develop good self-esteem, but once you do it's a skill you'll have for life.
. People with high self esteem find it easier to make friends. They have better relationships they feel happier; find it easier to deal with mistakes, disappointments, and failures; and are more likely to stick with something until they succeed.
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