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Successful Job Seeking Skills1 hr

8-one hour presentations

Merry Olson

on 8 November 2011

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Transcript of Successful Job Seeking Skills1 hr

How do I find work? I have education and no experience. I have experience and no education. How do I prepare? How hard is it to find work
that matches me? What kind of work environment do I want? I NEED A JOB! Actually, I don't want a job...I want a career! Job Seeking Myths I can wing it. I don’t need to prepare.

All I have to do is talk about myself. They should be prepared to accept me as I am. They’re looking for a way to disqualify me. Job Seeking Facts The process takes longer than you think Every part of the process is an interview It's a two-way interview:

Do you want to work for them? What is your Dream Job? Interest and challenge? Is the work worthwhile? Will you make enough money? Does it offer opportunity for
professional and personal growth? http://idcis.intocareers.org/default.aspx http://online.onetcenter.org/ INFORMATION INTERVIEW What do employers want? can you do the job
or learn quickly Will you work and
do you want the job? How well do you work with others? list job qualifications and skills have you performed any of these qualifications...list them. No Experience?...substitute examples of learning quickly UGG! What should I do? State the position you desire.
How will you benefit the employer? Show enthusiasm and passion for the work Research the company--
this demonstrates eagerness to
work for THAT company. Give examples of working with a team show you can communicate, are
responsible, punctual, etc. Show you have a good attitude
or you receive instruction well So...What method can I use to convince the employer I have what they want? Resume Cover Letter Interviewing Networking Application Follow-up/Thank You What skills are employers
wanting? Soft Skills Communication Teamwork Attendance Punctuality Self Motivation Flexibiltiy Grooming Problem Solver Multi-tasking Convince employers
you have these abilities Tell a story that demonstrates
you can do the work Be specific...don't just talk
hypothetically Technical Skills Practice telling the "story" out loud Ways to prevent glossaphobia
(fear of speaking public) Practice answering questions with a friend or 2 or 3.... Don't panic if you don't understand a question.
just ask the interviewer to elaborate...
it will show you have good communication skills. Breath / Breath Mint! Avoid lazy language
*Gonna, wanna, uh, like, etc. Share a time you worked as a team; what part did you play in planning, solving problems, or creating Team Player Let's first define your search Does the job provide... Actually...I want more
than just a job...I want to
find employment that matches
me where I can be happy. What does it pay?
Is there going to be a job when I graduate?
How do I find businesses offering positions in my field?
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